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Recount Proves Democrats Tried To Steal The Election

by Chris Jones (writer), Houston, May 27, 2008


Surprisingly, "Recount" destroys the far-left's carefully crafted narrative that Bush "Stole" the election in 2000.

I just finished watching "Recount" starring Kevin Spacey that the far-left has been promoting all week. To be honest, I was very surprised how the movie turned out. I figured it would be 90 minutes of red meat for the far-left crowd who still suffer sleepless nights thinking about how Bush "stole" the election in 2000.

Cosmetically the film turned out as I anticipated it would. Democrats were depicted as righteous crusaders who only wanted to do the right thing and make every vote count. Republicans on the other hand led by former Secretary of State James Baker were meant to be depicted as political thugs who used a combination of dirty tricks and favors to get George W. Bush elected.

I emphasize meant because Republicans didn't come off in the film that way at all. Besides Katherine Harris who was made to look extra foolish in the movie (only extra), everyone else came of looking pretty cool. Republicans looked like the cool customers while the Democrats looked frantic and shrill (like they do now).

What really surprised me about the film was the overall message it conveyed. What "Recount" actually succeeded in doing was totally smashing the far-left's narrative over the last eight years that Bush "stole" the election.

The Gore camp was depicted in the movie as trying to get a recount in certain Florida counties because those counties were mostly poor minorities who "tend to vote for Democrats." Throughout the movie Democrats shamelessly used Jessie Jackson to try and get blacks riled up about allegedly being disenfranchised.

The Gore camp purposely tried to swing the vote in Gore's favor by manipulating poor minorities and fabricating stories of disenfranchisement and crying about dimpled chads.

The movie portrayed Republicans as merely following the law to its conclusion. The Bush camp won because of the excellent legal work by James Baker, as well as a little good old fashioned luck. It was mostly luck that kept the (win at all costs) Gore camp from doing everything short of orchestrating a kidnapping to get Gore a few hundred more votes.

The 2000 election certainly was a debacle and served to expose very serious flaws in our nation's voting system. In my opinion if your too old, too blind, or too stupid, to punch the right hole on your ballot you probably shouldn't be voting.

That said, voting is not rocket science and we trust computers to store medical records and classified intelligence. We just successfully landed a new spacecraft on Mars to test soil samples, and our military is the most technologically advanced fighting force the world has ever seen.

All this and the United States of America really cannot design a voting system that everyone can use?

We can fire a cruise missile half-way around the world and into an open window, or drop a GPS guided bomb through an air shaft on a building, but we still can't create a voting system that's accurate 99.99% percent of the time?

Maybe the Google guys should start work on "Google Voting" for their next project.

You know they could do it.

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By D. E. Carson on May 27, 2008 at 11:06 pm

I wanted to see that, but I refuse to give Time-Warner any more money for cable than I have to.  Maybe it will come out on DVD and I can rent it sometime.  I also find it amusing that you say the Democrats come off as a bunch of screaming banshees and the Republicans are calm, cool and collected considering one of the people instrumental in getting the movie made was Kevin Spacey himself who happens to be one of the most rabid Democrats in Hollywierd.

I'm glad to know it was a fair treatment of a fair election.

I'm still wondering, though, 90% of the population in Florida is over the age of 208 and have absolutely no problem finding B6 on the 1600 BINGO cards in front of them but they can't read a presidential election ballot.

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