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Bay To Breakers - The Sf Mardi Gras

by Digidave (editor), San Francisco, May 19, 2008

There is no way to explain bay to breakers if you've never been there. The entire city celebrates its own craziness as only San Francisco can.

Bay to Breakers is still one of my favorite things about San Francisco. It is a celebration of life and the all around good nature of the bay.

For those who don't know - Bay to Breakers is a race that starts at the Embarcadero (the bay) spans the length of the city and goes through Golden Gate Park to end at the beach (the breakers). The race is only seven miles and the runners in the front usually finish it within a half-an-hour.

But behind the runners are thousands of people in cosutmes, drinking, singing, dancing and having what can only be described as a chaotic good time. It is a Mardi Gras for San Francisco with a bit more of an emphasis on humor.

A quick search on Flickr will give you a sense of things. I saw amazing costumes this year and although I couldn't capture them all, my friend Alex (see video below) got a bunch of photos. He said he would uplaod them to flickr under the username "baytobreakerportraits." He hasn't yet - but I bet he is nursing a serious hangover, so lets give him another day or two.

Until then - here's a video to give you a sense of what bay to breakers is all about.

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