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Holiday Party Queen

by AM Nelson (writer), Los Angeles, November 14, 2006


In honor of the upcoming holiday season, I applaud the future party drunks. Contemplate that woman who gets a little tipsy, but just looks like so much fun! She possesses the perfect body and is well aware of how to move it. We see her everywhere. She is out every night and always looks fabulous. She will be at all the important holiday parties - she always is…please meet Madeline.

Noisy bottle rummaging in the distance calmed her. The zip of an unexpected run of green lights pleased her ears; no horns blaring. The signature stomp and scuffle through her ceiling was how she knew she was home. Lying in her bed, shades drawn, Madeline continued to let the flow of the city sounds surround and delight her while her stomach churned a familiar song.

It had been another all night occasion.

“Don’t quite remember all of it…we were drinking wine, then cocktails…I remember walking up the steps, but how did I get to the steps?”

Gently working her lashes free from mascara-eye-glue, Madeline realized she had not removed her makeup - again.

“I woke up face down on the bed. My coat was still on with my arms in the sleeves; arms flat by my sides. My shoes were on and my feet were hanging off the edge. I must have belly-flopped onto my bed, and stayed there - unmoving -for the next eight hours. When I stood up, I realized I was holding my camisole balled in my fist; but my sweater and all my other clothes were on. The confusion of self-knowing without remembrance set upon me. I must have been showing off my breasts to someone…I did this to myself. Aren’t I too old to be doing this? Haven’t I matured? Why am I at the party after closing anyway?”

Then the more tortuous questions start.

“Who was I with? I checked my pocket. The twenty I had for cab fare was still there. I knew I didn’t drive. It was much too far to walk…I was baffled. How did I get home?”

“Before those embarrassing phone calls, I better see what I can remember. I was drinking shots of Fernet and singing jingle bells.”

Happy holidays! and to all a good night, and an unregretful morning.

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By C. Reagan on November 14, 2006 at 10:18 pm
THIS is why I LOVE the Holidays!!
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