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50th Anniversary Of Tantalizing Terrain In Jazz

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, May 19, 2008


The "A Frame" celebrates its Golden Concert

Her eyes sparkle with excitement and buoyant energy as she enters the artistic space of her living room. It has been transformed into a venue for Jazz Jubilation.

Betty Hoover smiles with unrestrained exhilaration," If you had told me a few of years ago when I first hosted this event that I would do it 50 times plus...I would have told you that you're crazy" she laughs before introducing the ensemble and vocalist present to help her celebrate her 50th Anniversary of the Pioneer Party "Jazz at the A Frame"

This celebration is dedicated to promoting performances by Jazz Artists displaying, as the "A Frame's" website indicates, "America's Only Indigenous Art Form".

Betty gave birth to this Jazz expedition in June of 2001. Since that first treasured afternoon, she has been booking a selection of ground-breaking quintets, quartets, trios and vocalists. It is drawing die-hard uncorrupted jazz fans together for an afternoon of linkage, love, and lavish music.

The 5oth occasion was brought in with Vocalist Janis Mann and the Bill Cunliffe Trio.

Janis Mann - Vocals

Bill Cunliffe - Piano

Peter Erskine - Drums

Tom Warrington - Bass

Janis' bond with the Blues emitted the embodiment of Jazz from each tune performed that distinctive afternoon. Bill on piano accentuated the arrangements with his committed consideration to time and space. Beautiful and compelling reveals his manner in delivery.

Peter on drums is a musician that I could listen to all evening. He expressed a driving strength, mouth-watering groove, sweet beat, teasing thump, boisterous bump, and luscious, level brushwork.

He is a maestro at work.

Tom Warrington on Bass was ready and proficient for every experiment in melody, harmony, improvisation and temptation that Janis offered in her exquisite range of tunes.

"Just in Time", "If You Could See Me now", and "With Every Breathe I Take" started us off in a great spirit of Jazz.

A Sarah Vaughn favorite by Vincent Youmans, "Sometimes I'm Happy" was a scat-infused, vibrant rendition of a tune the "Divine One" loved.

Burton Lane's "That Old Devil Moon" swathed the room and we were at the mercy of a beguiling ensemble.

Amalgamation between Janis and the band was off all charts in subtly, essence, love, and camaraderie.

Alan Jay Lerner and Burton Lane's "Too Late Now" continued to take us down a memory lane with an explicit and raw awakening to lost love.

Janis gave us a heavenly rendition of "Darn That Dream”.

Phyllis Molinary and Artie Butler’s”Here's To Life" was tender and very moving. Janis' treatment combined with the Trio's of the piece left many of us speechless.

She became flirtatious and sassy with a gentleman on the front row on Leonard Feather and Lionel Hampton's "Evil Gal" leaving her probable date enticed but wary of her evil ways.

She soulfully performed "Some of my best friends are the Blues" as the ensemble assisted her candid saturation of the Blues throughout the tune.

Janis' gave us another treat for the special day with a Bossa piece. Antonio Carlos Jobim's "The Girl from Ipanema". Oh! what a stylish and cool interpretation.

Donald Kahn's “A Beautiful Friendship" proved another sensation in songs for the afternoon spent taking in a Jazz rendezvous.

As always, good food, drink, spectacular music, and kindred spirits made the day. The combination was fitting for a distinctive tribute.

A Joyous Golden Anniversary to Betty Hoover and "Jazz at the A Frame”.

May all forth coming performances continue to affirm esteem to a hallowed and glorious art form and may you continue to grow musically, innovatively, and be blessed in your mission.

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By Kim on May 25, 2008 at 07:58 pm

Hi Morgana, Yes, "That Old Devil Moon" is a wonderful and timeless classic.

Janis Mann performed so many beautiful tunes that day. - Take care! ~

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