Friday, September 21, 2018

White Lightning & Gasoline!

The Government calls it ETHANOL..A racing story.

When Robert Mitchum climbed behind the wheel of a 1950 Ford whiskey tanker to make the movie THUNDER ROAD, moonshine had already been a major mountain industry and for some, a family tradition for two centuries. Boys from the hills of Tennessee, the Carolinas and Georgia stampeded the back roads in "souped up" tanker cars, hauling their product to thirsty markets all over the South. Wild, hard driving delivery boys with a need for speed, they drove like they were being pursued by the devil himself. The way they saw it, they were. Revenuers were common but seldom successful opponents. When the revenuers weren't available for a chase, the good ole boys raced one another...And thus it was conceived.

On the dark, winding roads of the Blue Ridge, stock car racing was born. And it hasn't stopped growing since!

The Saturday night whiskey runs weren't enough to satisfy these mountain boys with their tricked out hotrods so to settle their issues of who is faster, they took it to Sunday afternoon....Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to NASCAR....With over a half century under their belt, they're still at it. Oh yeah, it's big business now and most drivers make big bucks..but take it from this country boy, deep in the heart of every driver burns the same desire. Go fast or go home. It's about the same thing it's always been about and that's being the fastest stampeder on the track. So the next time you watch a NASCAR race, try imagine a bunch of good ole boys still trying to see who's the best at what they do. And watch THUNDER ROAD sometime, you'll enjoy it!!

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