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Should The U.s. Postal Service Comemorate Barrier Breakers

by Curtis (writer), Alexandria, May 12, 2008

The US Postal Service produces many comemorative stamps for various sports topics and figures. There have been certain individuals the most favorite being the Great Jackie Robinson.

In the time of rememberence of historical events, is it time for the U.S. Postal Service to publish a series of comemorative stamps recognizing the first African American, Hispanic and Latin American major league baseball players who were considered barrier breakers? Of Course it is time. Comemorative stamps is a way of documenting points in the nations history, and this time, it's time for another recognition. The last player to integrate major league baseball was signed in 1963. Why is this important? To a community, it is very important when baseball is trying to make a come back to the urban settings, its roots, and it is proper to recognize in mass those players, both African American, Hispanic and Latin American and other main stream players that have made baseball the sport it is today.

When we talk about America's Game, we instantly think of football, or basketball. Wrong, it is baseball... And it is that fact that baseball at its height generated the heros that baseball fans have an affinity with. To remember the time before high paid agents (Lawyers), and free agency, when players talking to young fans and signing slips of paper, and baseballs were a common sight without the thought of how much is my autograph worth to that kid. It is that relationship that the sport has gotten away from. Yes baseball is a business, and a business is suppose to make profit for its share holders, owners, coaches and players, however what would the sport be without its fans? It is a fact that young kids of the nation continue grow up with a set of clean-cut athletic individuals that are well spoken heros that we call the "Boys of Summer" playing a sport requiring high degree of skill. Considered sports heros, and figures kids look up to today need remembering.

I can remember my father signing autographs one day and I wandered why? Later in life I understood that it was the relationship between a player, the young fan, and the community that the team represented. You see, a baseball team is a reflection of the city it representatives.

So yes it is proper for the U.S. Postal Service to develop a series of Comemorative Stamps remembering that period in baseball when certain men of color, or culture were were asked to become Major League Players "Big Leaguers", and a source of pride in their supporting communities. With dignity they crossed and history should continue to remember them as we should remember that "Baseball is Truly America's True Game and Past Time" and remembering those who broke barriers, all of them, is the right thing to do.

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