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Just Might Be Obama Vs. Mc Cain

by D. E. Carson (writer), , May 10, 2008

The pressure is on Hillary to bow out.

The fat lady is gearing up for her aria.

It took me almost a whole week to find the subject for my 100th article for BrooWaHa, but after this week’s shakeup in the Democratic Party, I knew I had to address the stubbornness of Hillary Clinton.

Calls from all over the Democratic Party are coming in for Hillary to cut her losses and bow out of the race. After this week’s Indiana and North Carolina primaries Barack is picking up so-called “Super Delegates” including former 1972 Democratic Presidential Candidate George McGovern who originally backed Hillary, but after Tuesday, he withdrew his support of Hillary and threw his hat in the ring behind Obama.

Here’s the low-down on how things are shaping up for November.

Scenario One: The Nuclear Option. Last year the DNC mandated that should Florida and Michigan move up their primaries their delegates would not be seated at the National Convention. They broke the rules knowing the consequences and as a result the DNC told them to forget it. At that time, all Democratic candidates signed a letter stipulating to those conditions. Hillary willingly signed the letter because she thought she would walk all over everyone else in Iowa and New Hampshire and she thought Florida and New Hampshire wouldn’t matter. She was the de facto winner in both Florida and Michigan but fared much more poorly in other states. Now Hillary wants to change the rules again to seat Florida and Michigan because those states are the only ones that can guarantee her the nomination. It benefits her to seat those delegates so she may want to try to circumvent the rules and get Florida and Michigan seated.

The Outcome to the Nuclear Option: Obama has more popular votes than Hillary. The Nuclear Option would rip victory out of Obama’s hands and alienate his supporters. It might even galvanize them to vote for McCain in November just to make sure she doesn’t win the White House.

The likelihood of this one working: low. It would require Obama’s camp to sign on to the plan and there’s no way in hell he would do that knowing it would cost him the nomination. Both candidates have dug in their heels and look more like two pit bulls fighting over a ham bone. This option is out.

Scenario Two: Obama/Clinton ticket. As Robert DeNiro once said, “fuhgetaboutit”. It will be a cold day in hell before Obama asks Clinton to be his running mate. First of all, it was reported on Hannity and Colmes last night that Michelle Obama flat-out hates Hillary Clinton and would not stand for her as VP. Furthermore, even without the Michelle factor, Barack Obama wouldn’t ask and Hillary wouldn’t accept. For Hillary it’s president or nothing.

The likelihood of this one working: not only no, but hell no. The mere suggestion of this idea sends chills down the backs of every liberal Democrat in the country, including George Soros.

Scenario Three: Hillary backs out gracefully and leaves Obama to the nomination. This would be the one that has the best prospect of working. If Hillary were to just pack it in, she could attempt to recoup some of the $11 million she has lent her campaign. There is a little caveat in the McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act that requires private loans to campaigns be repaid before the election. There is a catch though: because this campaign is for the nomination, Hillary’s repayment deadline is the August Democratic National Convention – not the general election in November. If Hillary’s campaign declares bankruptcy, she loses all but about $250,000 in cash. Let’s also consider that Hillary’s campaign has other debts that she has to pay off as well. If she bows out now, she can find ways to raise money to pay back her $11 million loans. If she stays in, she runs the risk of still losing and then her $11 million loans become campaign contributions that violate McCain-Feingold. Either way, she’s in deep kim chee.

Likelihood of this option working: medium. It requires Hillary conceding that the August convention is not going to be the coronation she had hoped. It also requires Hillary admitting defeat and her pride just won’t let her do that. Never mind that it will also make Jack Nicholson look stupid as hell for his stumping ads last winter.

The bottom line is this, all political analysts are beginning to agree that Hillary has lost her bid for the nomination in spite of her thinking that she is the better candidate to go up against John McCain in November. The lies about sniper fire in Bosnia, lies about Chelsea being in New York near the World Trade Center on 9/11, the lies about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary, her volatile personality, her manipulative tendencies and her arrogance believing that she would walk away with the nomination have all come back to bite her in the butt. The nomination has swung toward Obama – too far out of Hillary’s reach. It’s time for her to realize the reality of the situation and go gentle into that good night.

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By Crowbar on May 10, 2008 at 11:46 am

Did you hear that polling organizations are dropping Hillary from polls and focusing on th eupcoming preidential race between Obama and McCain. Hey, Hillary, i love you, but you beat that Kentucky Derby horse a lil' too much. Bye!!

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By Edward on May 10, 2008 at 05:01 pm

Either Hillary or Barack works for me.  I don't want the Mcaniac living in the White House.

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By Lila M. on May 22, 2008 at 11:25 pm

this will make for some interesting debates, considering their wives are already taking "proud" jabs at each other.  

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By icanluvulongtime on June 05, 2008 at 05:30 pm

Great summery.  She is finally gone.... but I don't know if it's for good.  What are you projecting as the results for the final outcome.  My guess is McCain.  Old white man vs. New black man.  hummmmm.

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