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Empty Pockets And A Ticket To Nowhere

by baynurse (writer), Novato, California, April 15, 2008

Being a Youth in America

The opportunities for a high school graduate are pitiful. Today's young people have nothing to look forward to. College is an unaffordable luxury for most, with no guarantees that it will be worth the sacrifices and time spent. Nor are there programs for different learning abilities. The news is that jobless rates are extremely high and the economy is extremely down. Housing, food and entertainment are unaffordable. When a young person is at their healthiest, most exuberant time in life, ready to be in the world and show themselves to be vibrant and contribute their talents and abilities, we offer them a dim reality. The reality is that life all over the world sucks. The reality is that war and greed and hate grow and grow like the metastatic cancers that they are. Our silence about what is wrong, what is deadly wrong, like a cancer, grows too.  Our kids started with nothing and have nothing to lose. They choose drugs and sex as their only means of escaping reality and clouding it with blurred visions. The religious right is obviously wrong and the government disregards anyone and everyone who cannot give something back, whether it is money or their lives, for the greed of the nation. We have a culture of comfort and laziness. We can't change our own channel on the television, we can't roll up the windows of our own cars, and we can't walk to the corner store. We can't even wait till we are free from other tasks like driving to make a phone call. We want convenience and we want it now! When a young, beautiful, hard-working, noble, kind, peaceful person with integrity asks what they can do to help, our military is ready and eager to give them the empty promises of money for college, traveling, training, prestige, instant friendships, and the potential for incomparable benefits -- of course, only if they survive, and without injury to their bodies and minds. Without telling them the job description is kill or be killed, rob another person that you don't even know of their human rights, human dignities, and their freedom, all so you can have a college education, early retirement and live in comfort. While they live their lives destroyed and devastated, you can enjoy a cold one in your retirement, unless you have some regrets and memories of what you saw and did and choose that you can't live with yourself and commit the ultimate war crime against yourself. With all the money and energy we use to destroy lives and countries and cultures that we know nothing about, we could feed so many starving, homeless, sick, and poor, not that they matter to anyone. It is their own fault or their lot in life to be there; a choice, just like those people who choose to practice religions and cultures different than yours.

Rather than embrace and learn our differences and accept that we all have our beliefs and choices to be who we are and that we have all learned from our past that we are here on this planet to share our differences, not destroy them out of fear and anger, we can change the world by changing ourselves. We can only persist if we change. Our energy to create is there, yet we chose to pay attention to the energy to destroy. Start with change. Everything begins with change, everything changes with change. Accept change, encourage others with your example of being peaceful and kind. They will see and feel the changes in you and some will even follow in your ways.

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By madmax427 on April 15, 2008 at 08:32 pm

Baynurse: Thank You! It's very nice to read someone else who IS concerned with the dismal state of Our Society.

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By Gloria88 on June 03, 2014 at 07:22 am

I am so facinated about that pozycjonowanie stron

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By Bogoria88 on June 23, 2014 at 01:50 am

Imagine that situation sukienka na lato

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