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Spring Time In San Francisco: Drums And Slip-N-Slide

by Digidave (editor), San Francisco, April 14, 2008


Capturing a beautiful day in San Francisco. Locals do everything from drum circles to naked slip-n-sliding at Dolores Park

As you can see from the video above - the weather in San Francisco this weekend was.... breathetaking. I am not an "active" person, but I couldn't resist the outdoors. On Saturday afternoon, after some spring cleaning, I hoped on my bike and headed to Golden Gate Park. Specifically "hippie hill" which is the open field just beyond the Haight street entrence to the park. It is a haven for gutter punks, burnouts, frisbie throwing hippies, music lovers and people like myself - who just love watching it all go past them.

Later that night I went to Dolores park with some friends. Since the night weather was just as warm we figured it would be a perfect night to just sit and hang out at the park rather than a bar.

It was: Upon our arrival we found 100+ people engaged in an orgiastic slip-n-slid party. There was a giant blue tarp that had been laid out along the south hill at Dolores park and countless women (some topless, a few completely in the buff) going down the make-shift water slide only to run back up in line to go down again. People had sparklers and the occasional firework went off.

All this ended, of course, when the police officers arrived to enforce the closing of the park. Although this was obviously a victimless crime, the adhoc sip-n-slide spring party, naked women and all, was shut down.

Still: The weened has reminded me why I love San Francisco. Weather like this can't be beat - but to bolster that, this city provides so much constructive space during moments like this. If you are in San Francisco (or Los Angeles, which I'm told also had a pleasent heat-wave) please comment about what you did this weekend. Or better yet - write a quick article. If we get enough, I'll create a list and highlight them on the front page of Broowaha.

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2 comments on Spring Time In San Francisco: Drums And Slip-N-Slide

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By Digidave on April 14, 2008 at 04:56 pm

No, sadly I didn't think to bring my video camerea to the naked slip-n-slide - not sure if there was enough light to capture any footage anyways.

I'll tell you this though: It woulda made an interesting broo video indeed.

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By travelingseth on April 14, 2008 at 05:05 pm

Naked slip-n-slide would've been a good video.  Glad to know the editor doesn't think it indecent :)

I was hanging in Dolores Park as well drinking bombers of good beer with friends.  Sadly, the slip-n-slide eluded us.

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