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Liberal Lies Are S. O. P.

by D. E. Carson (writer), , April 12, 2008

The truth just isn’t in them.

This one is for my friends in New York. If you happen to listen to former Air(head) America liberal talk-show host, Randi Rhodes, you may have heard back in October that she was mugged near her Manhattan apartment in an attack which cost her several teeth and was planned by the right-wing conservative movement as a response to her program.

And the Federal Reserve is planning to release a $26 bill with John F. Kennedy’s picture on it.

According to the New York Daily News, reports of Ms. Rhodes being mugged were as phony as a $26 bill. In fact the rumor of her attack being a mugging and the brainchild of conservative opponents were offered up by one of Rhodes’ colleagues, Jon Elliot. “Is this an attempt by the right-wing hate machine to silence one of our own? Are we threatening them?” Elliot asked on his radio program. Elliot later told the Daily News that he was sorry for perpetuating a rumor based on hearsay. “I apologize for jumping to conclusions,” Elliot told the Daily News.

But isn’t this just so typical of the liberal machine? Something bad happens to one of them and all of a sudden it is the conservative movement’s fault. Liberals are quite; pardon the pun, liberal with their talk. This is just one more example of how liberals are so filled with hatred for the right that they will say or do anything to regain power in America. And don’t you kid yourself, über-liberal billionaire George Soros is calling the shots and working to make sure that he both owns and operates the United Socialist States of America.

You see, with the passage of McCain-Feingold, Soros found loopholes in the campaign finance law which allowed him to establish 501(c)(4) non-profit organizations, such as the new Progressive Media USA, Media Matters and other left-wing hate-America organizations, that allow anyone who wants to donate as much money as he or she wants to be used to smear any candidate so long as the smear ad doesn’t specifically support any opposing individual. This set of loopholes couples with the huge amounts of money possessed by Soros make for a heady brew and a very evil combination for America. Additionally the 501(c)(4) status of these organizations make it possible to obfuscate the identity of any and all donors, so Soros can stuff as much cash into any of his puppet organizations as he wants and no one can say or do anything about it. This will be of particular interest to John McCain following the summer conventions when the presidential race will be down to just him and whomever the Democrats choose. Once we are into the fall the smear McCain ads will become as prevalent as the cockroaches that will be producing them. Soros has a lot of money so he will be able to finance these kinds ads all the way up until November 11. It is enough to admonish McCain with “Be careful what you wish for – you just might get it.”

Many of you reading this are saying to yourself, “Yes, but having the liberals in charge isn’t a bad thing.” Trust me; you don’t want the George Soros-type of liberals in charge. Most of your moderate liberals and your fence-riding liberals are even scared of the George Soros/Media Matters crowd. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are currently in lock step with the Soros crowd for the sole purpose of getting the nomination because without the backing of Soros, they don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting passed the convention. It’s even possible that this is why Al Gore, left-wing wacko that he is, is staying away from the race this time around. This is mere speculation, but considering Gore’s views on the world, it is no stretch to believe that Soros scares Gore.

It all comes back to money. Those who have it will throw it around any way they can to get what they want. Those who don’t have it are forced to suffer the consequences of the actions of evil people like Soros. Always remember, liberals are never willing to put their own money where their mouths are, unless they have more of it than they have sense. Soros falls into this category and he has a vision of a one-world government where the United States of America has no sovereignty and must consult with every other nation in the world before even going to the bathroom.

When America loses it autonomy, the world loses everything.

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