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Shh...just Relax...just Listen

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, April 22, 2008


Friday Night, Mellow Out, Maybe Shout

A bummer to bummer car ride ended in a welcoming atomsphere of music satisfaction at the Parkway Grill in Pasadena on Friday, April 18th, 2008. The dinner crowd sat in a waiting section of the resturant patiently for seating. But ust to your right after entering the resturant was a cozy bar area lulling anticpating guests ready for a meal, a drink, a moment to reflect and allow oneself a seranade of Jazz and Swing tunes.

David Arnay - musician that just happens to play piano teased an ardent audience unwinding from the toil of the week's 9 to 5. We were delighted and enchanted all night with his creative chops on the keyboard. And as we sat back in our seats, we were whisked away to a land of blues, swing, calypso, and untainted jazz.

Cedar Walton's "Bolivia" was a sizzling starter tune.

Chord progressions and melodies that were not only soothing but tantlizing.

Nedra Wheeler - Bassist joined David and as hand and glove go together in cold weather, her skillful playing only added to the love affair that David had begun with the of artisty of music making. The attentive audience of eager participants fell in love with Nedra as she carraessed the strings of her Bass and the strings of our souls. We settled in the with piano and bass...Nedra and David as the night progressed. Tunes "What's New", Lush Life, and took us aboard the standards train. A bebop favorite, Groovin' High" brought us a flight a different kind of plane.

And, "groovin"we were after only minutes of the performance. A toddler eased from her seat and "got the spirit" as she danced with the beat on beat as her family smiled with approval.

Duke Ellington's "Mood Indigo," was performed with soul , complexity, and serenity.

Mr. Arnay's tribute to pianist Dollar Brand and calyypso singer Mighty Sparrow,

"The Mighty Dollar" was a treat to experience. The fusion between Ms. Wheeler and Mr. Arnay was remedy for any heartache, heartbreak, aliment or wailing. Their interpretation of each piece performed was lovingly constructed with quintessence.

The pair collectively and individually expressed beauty that was euphoric on their respective instruments from their hearts.

The Parkway Grill is not merely a resturant and bar with music available on Fridays, but a refuge for a musical adventure and located in the city of Pasadena. And it is there you will David Arnay each Friday with an exciting Bass Player and equally exciting array of music delights.

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By AndrewGuz on February 23, 2010 at 05:36 am

Nice read. I also like to listen to light and mellow music that soothes my mood especially during night time after a day of long hours of work. I also encourage my colleagues at the dell laptop repair shop where I work to switch to mellow music instead of the loud techno music that sounds like a lawn vacuum that is out of order, I just hate that! Hope I have time this weekend to visit the Parkway Grill.

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