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L.A. Sanctuary Status Makes Mayor Libel For Teen's Murder

by D. E. Carson (writer), , March 30, 2008

Villaraigosa’s Actions Show Interest Only In Villaraigosa

Los Angelinos know by now what happened on March 2, 2008 in Arlington Heights. Seventeen-year-old Jamiel Andre Shaw, Jr., was murdered in cold blood by Pedro Espinosa – a known illegal alien and stupid, gutless, punk, coward, thug gang member. Shaw was a promising high school football star who was considering which college he would attend this fall. Instead, he lies in a grave under a cold piece of stone engraved with his name and two dates: his birth date and his death date. He had no record of any bad habits or of associating with the wrong crowd. In fact, when he was murdered, he was on his way home heeding his father’s request to, “hurry home from the mall.” Shaw’s mother is an Army sergeant stationed in Iraq. She is currently home to bury her son – something no parent should every have to do but especially in this situation.

The sole reason for Shaw’s death is because Espinosa is hispanic and Shaw was black. Espinosa is linked to the 18th Street Gang and no doubt committed the cold-blooded murder as a rite of passage in the gang. It is no secret that hispanic on black racism is rampant in Los Angeles. Angelinos have watched as many hispanic gangs have waged genocide against blacks. And don’t fool yourself Los Angeles – whites are next. But the truly sad part of this whole story is that the mayor’s office has chosen to turn a blind eye to the issue. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has maintained L.A.’s Sanctuary City policy allowing the most violent of vermin to walk the streets of the city with impunity. Additionally, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca and Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton are in lock step with Mayor Villaraigosa and have refused to enforce Federal immigration law in spite of some formal displays of cooperation offered by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

The simple truth is this: Los Angeles is a sanctuary city where any illegal alien – hispanic or otherwise – can go and not have to worry about being asked to provide proof of their immigrant status if they are arrested for anything. So it goes that if an illegal alien is arrested for drunk driving anywhere in Los Angeles County, he or she is allowed to deal with the court concerning the DUI only. No one can look into the person’s background and see if he or she happens to be here illegally. The offender is allowed to pay the fine, do the time and then walk out of jail and go back to living life as before with absolutely no regard for American law whatsoever. Truth is that most of the time, people arrested for DUI just pay a fine and get little more than a slap on the wrist and a “Don’t do that again” admonition.

But what about Jamiel Shaw, Jr.? Pedro Espinosa is currently 19 and has been in and out of jail since he was 12. His most recent incarceration was the result of brandishing a firearm and obstructing a police officer in 2007. He was released from jail for that charge a mere one day before he callously and cold-bloodedly murdered Shaw. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials had flagged Espinosa for deportation last week, but since L.A. is a sanctuary city for illegal aliens, no one bothered to follow up on him and make sure that when he walked out of jail, he went straight back to Mexico. Of course ICE officials won’t come right out and say that it was L.A.’s sanctuary policy that let Espinosa get away, but it doesn’t take rocket science to figure that one out.

The day Espinosa got out of jail, he returned to his roots, the 18th Street Gang where, no doubt, he was welcomed back with open arms and the gun he used to kill Shaw. It was ironic that Espinosa murdered Shaw next to a tree that Shaw had helped plant in 2005 during Mayor Villaraigosa’s Million Trees initiative – as if adding one million trees to the city of Los Angeles was somehow supposed to make Angelinos forget about the crime. To add insult to injury, Mayor Villaraigosa dedicated a memorial plaque at the site where Shaw died and uttered meaningless, empty platitudes. “Senseless violence cut short Jamiel’s life before he could fulfill his promise.” Villaraigosa said, “But with this memorial, we ensure that Jamiel’s name and spirit will stay with us forever.” Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah. How better to remember the victim of a cold-blooded murder than to set a plaque in concrete where the victim died in his father’s arms? How about making sure that Pedro Espinosa and others like him aren’t around to commit these kinds of crimes? When police arrest someone, they need to inquire as to the person’s immigrant status, period. The first time that person is arrested if he or she is discovered to be an illegal alien, he or she is turned over to ICE for immediate deportation. Sure illegal aliens are like cockroaches – you kick them out and they keep coming back but chances are they won’t be around to commit murder. How about Los Angeles dump its sanctuary city policy and start rounding up illegal aliens and turning them over to ICE like they’re supposed to do? The way things are now, the city of Los Angeles harbors illegal alien fugitives and criminals. Could this be because the mayor wants to play favorites by keeping as many Hispanics in L.A. as he can so that he can stack the constituency and get re-elected or begin moving forward on some other political aspiration? There are rumors that his position as co-chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign may come with a cabinet position should she be elected. Does this surprise anybody? Why hasn’t the local L.A. media picked up on this? Because all mainstream media in America – whether it be in LA or New York or Bedford Falls is in the tank for the Democrats and the Democrats want open border anarchy so that they can give amnesty to every illegal alien and essentially buy their support when it counts.

Opinion of the mayor of Los Angeles might be different if there were something by which one could measure his performance. But so far, Villaraigosa hasn’t really accomplished anything noteworthy. A recent article published by Judicial Watch on their website calls Villaraigosa a “Missing Mayor”. The article [1] has pointed out that Villaraigosa has been “missing in action” and has been using his taxpayer funded security and press detail while on the road stumping for Hillary Clinton. Additionally, Villaraigosa’s connections to Mecha, an extremist Mexican group have further called into question his loyalties to the city of Los Angeles as a whole – never mind his MIA status when the city is facing hard economic times that require the mayor to be in his office working for the benefit of the city and not his own wallet. Judicial Watch notes Villaraigosa’s support and encouragement of students walking out of class two years ago during the hispanic protest marches. Even the deputy mayor of Los Angeles justifies Villaraigosa’s absence as “an investment in the city’s future.” The only future in which Villaraigosa is interested in investing is Villaraigosa’s – especially if those rumors that Clinton has promised him a cabinet position should she be elected prove to be factual. Villaraigosa is listed as a Democrat in spite of the fact that the mayoral position is non-partisan. His affair last year with Telemundo reporter Mirthala Salinas [2] is a reminder that he lives up to the Democrat standard: keep your pants off. Hey, Los Angeles, see what your $193,908 per year buys you for a mayor? Bet you wish you had James Hahn back now don’t you?

The best way to memorialize Jamiel Andre Shaw, Jr., is for the citizens of Los Angeles to demand that Mayor Villaraigosa stop with the sanctuary city policy and really start cracking down on illegal aliens hiding in the city. It’s time for the people – the legal, law-abiding citizens – to take back their city from the illegal aliens who terrorize them. Mayor Villaraigosa had an opportunity to make a real difference in the city of Los Angeles, but frankly, he blew it. He spent too much time encouraging the activities of illegal aliens by ignoring them and he spent too much time working for Hillary Clinton when he should have been working for he people who pay his salary with their hard-earned tax dollars. That he uses taxpayer-funds to pay for his work with Clinton has got to be some sort of violation of Federal Election Laws. He has been derelict in his duty as mayor. Los Angeles has paid a high price for such incompetence in City Hall. Unfortunately for Jamiel Andre Shaw, Jr., the price for Villaraigosa’s selfishness and incompetence was too high.



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By Lady D on March 31, 2008 at 07:47 pm

Until we stop  spreading our own hate and anger, we can never prevent another from the same.

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