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The Most Dangerous Woman in the United States

by D. E. Carson (writer), , November 08, 2006


There she is, the most dangerous woman in America, Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco with the motto of the Democratic Party emblazoned on a projector screen.

There she is, the most dangerous woman in America, Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco with the motto of the Democratic Party emblazoned on a projector screen.

The New Direction, of course, is right into the toilet and straight on to hell. One nice thing about the United States of America is that American voters get the government they deserve. If they are stupid enough to fall for the lies and smears of the Democrats, then they deserve the shaft they are going to get.

Time and time again, every effort has been made to present the truth and facts about this election, however, at every turn, the Democrats spun lies and misinformation about the war in Iraq and the economy. In The Washington Post, an article was written about the troops on the ground in Iraq and there was not a single troop interviewed who said that the war was wrong (1), yet Democrats lied, saying that the war is wrong, “it cannot be won” and the war is a failure. With the Democrats in power over the House, the troops have been sold out – just like they were in Vietnam. The Democrats will cut funding to the troops and re-deploy them to Okinawa and let the insurgents take over Iraq. The result will be Iraq will collapse into civil war and destabilize the region. Al Qaeda will arise in Iraq and the democratic government that we helped establish will be overrun. Iraq will become a training ground for al Qaeda and before the next president of the United States is elected, there will be another terrorist attack on America. Of course, by then, Nancy Pelosi and her thumb-sucking crybaby liberals in Congress will have so completely stripped American defense that there will be no way to know how to clean up the mess.

The economy is in better shape now than it has ever been and yet, Democrats have lied about this as well. They do not wish to admit that it was the Bush tax cuts of 2003 that caused the economy to recover so quickly from the Clintonian Recession of 2000. Democrats are going to ensure that every tax cut established by President Bush will be revoked and the Democrats will return to their old ways of raping Americans for money. Taxes are going to go back to where they were prior to 2002, businesses will begin to collapse and jobs will begin to be lost. One of the first things Democrats promise to do is force through an increase in the minimum wage and mandatory healthcare coverage for employees – the kinds of socialism in which Democrats relish. White House press secretary Tony Snow has said, “The challenges remain the same.” In actuality there is a bigger challenge: keeping the Democrats out of the wallets of Americans.

Democrat leaders have offered the conciliatory promises that they will work with the president in order to resolve the major issues of this campaign. This remains to be seen, however, with threats to impeach Bush hanging in the air, Americans should begin looking for daggers in the president’s back.

The Democrats have gone completely wacko and liberal policies will begin to flood the United States like water over a broken New Orleans levee. The modern Democratic Party has lost its true roots. It has forsaken John F. Kennedy, Harry Truman and Franklin Roosevelt in favor of San Francisco liberal values. There will never again be a traditional America. This nation is now in the hands of lunatic liberals who will not stop until America is the new off ramp between Sodom and Gomorrah.


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