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We're Black And We're... Very Similar

OBAMYE, the IL connection

Barak Obama is like Kanye West Because:

The most obvious, the Illinios connection

Should heed the saying "It is better to be silent and let people assume you are dumb than to open your mouth and remove every doubt."

Case in point: Sometimes does not think before he speaks, often resulting in a maginficent media circus and perfect fodder for the late-night talk shows.

Sometimes says stupid shit on TV or in front of major media outlets.

Has a song written for him.

Has legions of adoring fans.

Is Idealistic, to a fault. an endearing yet problematic characteristic

Loves their fellow brethren, yet is not really an accurate representation of the black community...on the other hand, each of them have acheived an admirable status in society to which all children, black and otherwise should be exposed to.

Is naive to a certain extent.

Wants to make change in the world.




Is on the cusp of greatness, maybe.

You either love him or you hate him.

No one is on the fence with Obamye. Hey, I like that. If they had a love child he shall be named "OBAMYE." OOh the world should be so lucky...or scared.

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By randomjo on March 14, 2010 at 12:26 am

Since writing this article, a lot has happened in the lives of OBAMYE. They're both still connected, but now the world knows how Obama really feels about Kanye. "Jack-ass anyone?"

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