Thursday, July 19, 2018

August Rush & You...


In case you don't know, AUGUST RUSH is a movie. In it, a boy follows his dream, refusing to let it go until one day, IT CAME TRUE!

This isn't a review of the movie AUGUST RUSH but there are elements in the film that are important to my story.  First of all, the boy's grandfather put him up for adoption at birth.  He lied to his daughter and told her that the baby had died.  The boy's father didn't even know she was pregnant.  The boy's mom thought he was dead and his father didn't know he even existed...Got it?  Ok...but the boy insisted that they would eventually find him IF he followed "the music" that for him seemed to be everywhere.  There's a lot more to the movie but for my purposes, the point is...AUGUST didn't give up on his dream.. And one day,  it did come true.  He was reunited with his mom and dad BECAUSE he followed his dream.   MY DREAM is to help make YOUR DREAM come true.  If you're that kid, teen or adult who has always had a dream to be involved in the motion picture industry in ANY capacity,  guess what?   Your dream just might be ready to come true!   I'm going to lay a trail of gold dust for you to follow..and IF you will..and you WON'T quit,  some of you are going to see your dreams come true in the lights of a THEATRE MARQUEE, or in the upfront credits on the motion picture you possibly wrote, produced or directed.   So with all of that said,  I want to congratulate you if you have made up your mind to NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM..  This story is for YOU... Kids,  don't wait until you're older to work your dream..  Do it now.. You have people who want to help you.  One of them wrote this story!!   The next step is up to you.  

IF YOU ARE IN THE DREAM PROCESS AND YOU'D LIKE TO TAKE IT TO THE REALITY LEVEL..let me know. It's ShowTime in Georgia and you can be a part of it.    Send me an email.  If you're a DREAMER with the ambition and DETERMINATION to make it happen,  I want to hear from you.

For all of my wonderful producer friends and associates....I am ShowTime in Georgia.

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