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With Butter...or Without...


Can't you just smell the fresh popcorn? Come on, let's go to the movies...except this movie isn't made in's made right here in Atlanta & Georgia!!

Oh baby do I have GOOD NEWS for a lot of you! It's SHOWTIME in Georgia!!

Atlanta & Georgia, the FILM CAPITOL of the South! We are challenging the Hollywood Giant...and WINNING! For the artist, for the technical people, for everybody with talent and the DETERMINATION to be a part of the film and television industry, this is the best news you've heard in a long time. But it doesn't stop there.

The State of Georgia and Atlanta are always shooting off their mouths about bringing "New Industry" to Georgia. They expound loud & long about how we need to boost our economy! Well stop it and GET BEHIND one of the MOST LUCRATIVE industries on the planet! I'm talking to YOU politicians, business people, civic leaders..and to you RELIGIOUS LEADERS.. Stop COMPLAINING about Hollywood and help us gain control of our share of the industry. If you don't help us..I do NOT want to hear any complaints when we don't do something exactly your way! THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY, particularly the film and television production part of it, can become one of Georgia's TOP employers! In this short article, I can't even begin to describe the number and types of jobs this industry creates. But I will tell you this, this industry will have a POSITIVE financial influence on just about every other industry in Georgia.

Think about it! The film industry needs SUPPORT from hundreds, thousands of OTHER types of businesses. Cars, paint, lumber, food, hotels, labor(skilled & unskilled). Whatever it takes to make a movie, they'll buy it from other Georgia/Atlanta businesses. For the writers, actors, actresses, tech people, producers, directors..they can stay home and do what they do best...and believe me when I tell you, SOME OF THE BEST ARE RIGHT HERE IN GEORGIA.. Alright, I've said what I came to say..FOR NOW.. Pay attention to what I've told you and get involved...Help us make Atlanta & Georgia THE FILM CAPITOL OF THE SOUTH.. Together, we can do it. For LantaWood, ScriptLink, Elias Kidd and the other dedicated producers involved. See ya at the movies...One made in Atlanta & Georgia!! Here's how YOU can be a part of this incredible phenomenon! Send me a letter of interest.

I want to hear from everybody who has the talent and DETERMINATION to make this happen...Investors..Business supporters..that means you too..

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By Show Time on September 27, 2008 at 06:17 am

I too know Elias.  If you ever see one of his movies or read one of his scripts, you'll find a man with a deep and kind soul.  He's edgy as hell,  grew up in the liberal wide open sixties and at times,  you won't see things his way.  But if you'll listen with "your" heart,  you'll get him. 

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By Show Time on January 09, 2009 at 05:34 pm

NOTE FROM SHOWTIME....I do not in any way support, recommend or endorse LantaWood.   Elias Kidd Productions does not in any way support, recommend or endorse LantaWood.    Neither Elias Kidd or ShowTime will conduct business with LantaWood in any capacity.   I apologize for including even the mention of LantaWood in the above article.  ShowTime.

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