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Obama Sidesteps Condemnation Of Church Pastor

by D. E. Carson (writer), , March 18, 2008


Senator’s speech fails to address the real issue at hand.

I watched a replay of Senator Obama’s response to recent publication of comments made by Jeremiah Wright from the pulpit of the Trinity United Church of Christ. In true slick fashion, Obama made the whole issue into a debate about racism in America and failed to acknowledge (or more appropriately ignored) the real issue at hand. The question still remains: “Does Obama really believe and hold in his heart those things which Wright said?”

Among his comments today, Obama did acknowledge that Mr. Wright said some things from the pulpit that are controversial and on the edge – which contradicts his earlier claim that he’s never heard any of Wright’s anti-America tirades. Even a caller to The Sean Hannity Show claiming to be a congregant of the church said that she “felt the love of Jesus Christ” when attending that church. Really? When did Jesus Christ stand up in the temple and scream “God damn Rome for acting like she is God”?

The point is this, Jeremiah Wright is a racist and an America hater, period.

As a member of this church, Obama claims that he did in fact know that Wright was a very controversial speaker – yet Obama chose to ask Wright anyway to be an advisor in his campaign for the presidency – a position from which Mr. Wright was recently relieved. But according to Obama, as fate would have it, he was never in attendance when such controversial sermons were delivered. Yeah, right and German Nazis really didn’t herd Jews through death camps. As a member of a church myself, I have to wonder, “Just how stupid does Obama think Americans are?” When someone stands in the pulpit of a church and begins screaming “God Damn America”, that’s going to raise some eyebrows. It’s also going to throw the church’s grapevine in into a tizzy – as we used to say back home. Churches – especially black churches – will talk for days on end about the last sermon. It’s a common trait among people – they will talk. Telling me that you didn’t at least hear of comments like that is one thing but wanting me to believe that you were never in attendance when at least one of those tirades was issued – please. As Bill O’Reilly would say, “Not gonna happen.”

But it isn’t bad enough that Obama wants me to believe that he was never in attendance when tirades like that were issued, he also wants me to believe that this man, this Jeremiah Wright, is undisownable (if there is such a word)? Obama’s exact words were: “I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community.” So Obama is saying, in effect, he believes what this guy said in these clips even if he wasn’t there to hear them personally. He is saying he is black and cannot disown the black community because he is black and that he is as much a part of Jeremiah Wright and cannot disown him? Sure you can disown Mr. Wright. All you have to say is, “I do not agree with his comments and I believe his comments are racially divisive and inappropriate therefore I have severed all ties with Mr. Wright and I will not allow his comments to affect my judgment as president.” There, in 39 simple English words, I was able to say what Obama needs to say. Obama needs to distance himself from Mr. Wright as quickly and completely as he can – otherwise his political ambitions for the presidency are dead.

But on the subject of race, which Obama so cleverly introduced today, he said, “The anger is real. It is powerful. And to simply wish it away -- to condemn it without understanding its roots only serves to widen the chasm of misunderstanding that exists between the races.” Let’s look at the roots for a moment. Again, I refer to a caller on The Sean Hannity Show who said that Mr. Wright’s comments were the airing of the voice of people who have lived in slavery. I almost wrecked my car (sorry, liberals, today wasn’t your lucky day in that department). I challenge Messrs Wright, Jackson and Shaprton to identify five individuals alive today who are former slaves. You have one year to get back to me. For the rest of you, I can tell you here and now that even someone born as a slave baby would be in excess of 140 years of age if he or she were alive today. I have yet to meet anyone older than 101. There is not a black man, woman or child alive today who has ever been a slave in the kinds of conditions in which American slaves existed.

The roots of the anger lie in the black community. The roots of the anger is a passionate, unwarranted and unfounded hatred of whites. The black community is stewing a grudge for which there is no foundation. It’s not unlike any American today who still hates Japan because of Pearl Harbor. Sure, blacks were rounded up in the savannahs of Africa and dragged to America where they were treated horribly. I make no excuses for treating people that way. But there is not a black person alive today that has endured that kind of treatment and most assuredly I tell you there are far worse atrocities than our slave trades being committed in 2008 outside the United States.

America may not be perfect, but when it has seen the rights of humans violated within its own borders, steps have been taken to correct the issue – to the extent of ridiculous pandering and reverse-racial discrimination against whites, but that’s another topic for another time. I believe that if Martin Luther King were alive today, he would happily acknowledge that great strides have been made between the 1960’s and now. But if he truly believed in his cause, he would be the first to condemn people like Mr. Wright for perpetuating racism.

Simply put, Jeremiah Wright is a racist and he is an America hater, period.

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