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I Am Somewhere

by Dany Bachir (writer), , March 18, 2008

An overview on Life, Dreams, Happiness and Heaven.

For the past few weeks, I had little time to write but, as always, enough time to think and explore. Thinking was and should never be bounded by time or by schedules. For some reason it’s still a free activity that you could fully control and practice.

It’s amazing the huge number of people you encounter in life. Or even in few weeks. You meet the happiest people and, on the other hand, you meet the least happy ones. Unfortunately, in between, you don’t meet much of them. They have disappeared in a way, just like the middle class has. Does this relate happiness to money? Well maybe it does. Money is still a commodity which eases life and its daily operations.

But happiness comes in many forms: in the company of good friends, in the feeling you get in making someone’s dream come true or in the promise of hope renewed.

It’s ok to let yourself be happy because you never know how fleeting that happiness might be.

But sometimes someone’s dream is not your own. And if you’re a part of this someone’s dream, how difficult would it be to fulfill it. You want to make that person happy by making that dream come true, but you also don’t want to be a part of that dream. This is when we fear ourselves or the circumstances around.

What should one do in this situation? How can we make others happy when their dreams are not ours? And especially when we are major characters in those dreams.

We probably ask them to chase other dreams. Those they can reach easily. And those where we have no existence.

If you could go back and change one thing about your life, would you? And if you did, would that change make your life better? Or would that change ultimately break your heart? Or break the heart of another? Would you choose an entirely different path? Or would you change just one thing? Just one moment. One moment that you always wanted back.

Take a minute and think about it.

We might live with regret, but regret is what made our lives. Those moments that I went through made that thing called “my life”. Shall I take them back, “my life” would be nothing. Just an empty space in time.

Sometimes it is difficult to see happy people when we are sad. We just wish we were in their shoes. And sometimes, when we’re happy, it’s difficult to feel with the sad ones.

How selfish we can be! Very much so. But that’s just how we are. It’s our nature.

I still haven’t found my place in this world. I’m still searching. There are too many papers on the table. That’s probably my mistake. I should probably keep few papers and give them all my attention. Chose among them. There are papers I find difficult to through away. I probably do that for the sake of others. Just to keep others happy. But that’s a mistake. Eventually the papers will be dropped. And those others will be dropped as well. All I would have done is given a chance for the ink to disappear. That’s when things become ugly and unreadable.

Life is full of mysteries. Also full of crap. But also full of greatness. But the mix is beautiful. Especially when you find who you are and have a slight idea about who you will be.

I’m still searching for what’s on the other end of sunrise. Because I will probably see myself on the other end. Sitting on a sandy beach and watching the sunset. I might be there with someone I once lost, and happy to have seen again.

The question is: Is there Heaven?

The answer would be: I don’t know. Is there?

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