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Sign Scrutiny

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, April 11, 2008


Billboard woes in the inner city

I realize the goal of a billboard is to entice people to read and engage in what the message is conveying. What is troubling is that billboards in the inner city of Los Angeles seem to primarily promote poor eating habits, drinking, sit-coms, and overall spending for that which gives temporary satisfaction if any to the individual. There isn't much in the aspect of how to better oneself in a more holistic or thought provoking manner. Nor how one might motivate oneself towards obtaining long-range goals and fulfilling dreams.

Billboards that portray a message regarding various Liiquor products and/or Fast Food Resturants don't promote what is necessarily "bad" but at the same time are not promoting healthy living for those in underrepresented areas battling High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Stroke symptoms and the like. Is it possible to post more billboards in regards to an educational opportunity available in the area or an arts event that includes music, healthy food, community activities which include benefits for the entire family for the better?

It is true that there are many newspapers that have this information, but how much better would it be to see a large billboard from the 110 freeway in Los Angeles traveling south or north that displays something enlighting and encouraging.

Most of us are desentized to billboards and for good reason, the message is usually trival and unimportant without stimulating the mind, body, or soul to anything that produces health, wealth, a more cohesive community, enrichment for children and adults, inspiration of dreams, or even getting one to think imaginatively.

The problem with billboards in the inner city for the most part is most are eye sores. It would be much more appealing to see a mural or other work of art. It doesn't need to be a Monet painting. Perhaps something birthed by a community member would inspire asthetically as well as morally in the city.

Right now the woes of the billboard saga generate silent sighs to those of us forced to view the unsightly public notices that enhance the mudane daily routine commute in the inner city.

Whatever we can do to inspire, bring a smile, a light, beautify the environment, or give a thought that motivates could be a plan with the construction and implemnation of billboards. Something that is informative, instructional, and benefits the lives and community within instead of taking from, promotion of mediocrity, and lethargic thinking, useless spending, poor eating, and decisions. Or perhaps that is too much to consider for those merely wishing to promote buying, buying, buying at any and all costs.

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By Sharlene Hardin on April 11, 2008 at 09:15 pm

And because we have become so desensitized to them now, signage companies are looking to digital billboards to regain our attentions.  It appears to have worked too because now drivers are becoming so entranced by these new multimedia advertisements that they are actually too distracted to pay attention to the traffic they are navigating (increasing the number of traffic accidents in areas where digital billboards have been placed).  As if driving while talking on a cellphone isn't bad enough already, sure let's put moving advertisements on every street corner too.

Good article!

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