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Aspiring Journalist Excited To Write For Online Paper

by Aaron S. (writer), santa monica, March 27, 2008


A 21 year old writer with mediocre talent can't wait to sink her hands into the keyboard, and write "really awesome and good" stories for, an online newspaper.

Gina Harwick, sophomore student at Cal State University Northridge, has recently discovered a new outlet for her substandard creative writing passion:, an open-membership online citizen's newspaper. Harwick, an English major on academic probation for the third time since she started her academic career, is excited by the prospect at writing stories so that "everyone to read about the interesting stuff in my crazy world."

"There are stories everywhere! Just the other day my cousin said something really cute about birds and how they walk funny sometimes. I can't wait to write about it," she said. The story is currently a draft - the author spent 45 minutes during commercial breaks of Deal of no Deal writing a few scattered sentences and random emoticons: Birds bounce their heads and move feet. Put put put! Add that noise there. This is really hard. >:( I<3 my TA.

This isn't Harwick's first attempt at written discourse. In 2003 she created "A Great Blog: Adventures in Gina Land," her posts revolving mostly around a fellow student named Phil who was "so good with computers and still hot." Sources say she has also managed to add a link to, even on the home page. But she also leaves room to vent about the crisis in Darfur, car accidents she's gotten into over the last few years, and the first time she met a lesbian.

"Can you believe that there are girls that like, like other girls? I might write a story about it on broowaha. I think a lot of the guys would like to read that sort of stuff." Later she added, "They've all been really nice to me, even if I haven't written a single article yet. A few asked me out on a date to go listen to some poetry."

The budding author quotes PostSecret and The Da Vinci Code as her main literary influences, in terms of style and prose. "I was on the edges of my feet when I read Da Vinci!" Harwick said. "He should definitely get the Nobel - if they give it for books. And that whole Jesus thing! Jesus! You know what I mean."

Harwick checks the broowaha Wire daily, but so far hasn't found anything of significant interest. Besides for her promising articles on pigeons and the cuteness factor of ducks in ponds, she does plan on writing stories with a dramatic perspective. Leads include: I support Barack Obama really and not because everyone else does; Fun things you can do with your iMac; I almost got mugged by a Black man!; and if time permits, a retelling of how she fell off her bike one day and needed five stitches on her elbow. Her worldy experience - traveling to Canada one night for a hockey game - will definitely be of some use. Unfortunately, Harwick missed a follow up interview with us, saying she had a date with an author known simply as Glenn T.

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