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Clinton Shows No Signs Of Leaving Race, But Why Should She?

by Chris Jones (writer), Houston, March 04, 2008


If Hillary stays in the race long enough for a few chinks in Obama's armor to appear, Democrats may have a sudden case of buyer's remorse and throw the nomination back to her.

From the NYT:

As voters in Ohio, Rhode Island, Vermont and Texas headed to the polls potentially to decide the Democratic nomination for the presidency, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday urged voters to settle in for a nomination fight that could roll on for months to come.

“You know this is a long process,” Mrs. Clinton told reporters Tuesday morning outside a polling place in Houston.

It was an entirely different message from the one delivered by former President Bill Clinton just a few weeks ago, when he told Ohio and Texas voters that his wife would not succeed without victories in those delegate-rich states.

I'm not sure I really blame Sen. Clinton for staying in the race. It's only a hunch, but I get the sense that the media is about to turn on Jesus Obama. If that's the case it may be just the opening Clinton needs to regain the upper hand. No matter how partisan you might be, it's pretty hard to deny that Obama has gotten one of the biggest free passes in history up to this point.

Barack Obama honestly has no record at all in the Senate. I'm not supporting Hillary or Obama, but to elect Obama would be to put the fate of the country in the hands of someone armed with soaring oratory and little else.

I also find it amazing that Obama has gotten so much traction with his argument that he was against the Iraq war from the beginning. He says he never voted for the war, but that's because he hadn't been elected to the Senate yet. So his argument is that he would have voted against it had he been their. How the hell do we know that?

Maybe he would have, but that seems like a mighty thin argument.

As far as the general election is concerned I have changed my mind over the last couple months. At first I was convinced that Hillary would be the easiest for Republicans to beat, because there's already so much built-in hatred.

However, now that I know McCain is the Republican nominee it's changed my opinion about the race. I think rapid ascension of Barack Obama is largely due to the media's refusal to question anything about him.

Once the general election kicks off and the Republican machine greases its wheels and settles in for the fight I think you'll see a very different race.

Obama's lack of record is going to be the fundamental issue in the general election if he's the nominee. Obama's single accomplishment as a freshman Senator is that he's run for President and that's it. He's spent the majority of his first term not doing the people's business, but on the campaign trail.

John McCain can point to what he's accomplished as the basis for what he'll do as President. Obama on the other hand can only make promises. Obama likes to pretend he's the "uniter" who'll reach across the aisle to get things done, but his short time in the Senate just doesn't reflect that.

John McCain on the other hand has a long history of reaching out to Democrats, much to the chagrin of his fellow Republicans. The fact that he's irritated the right-wing of the GOP for so many years is McCain's greatest strength in the general election.

Independent voters will have the choice of an untested freshman Senator who promises to be a uniter or a battle tested 20+ year veteran Senator with a long track record of bucking his own party in order to get legislation passed.

I think the choice for most people will be obvious.

If Hillary stays in the race long enough for a few chinks in Obama's armor to appear, Democrats may have a sudden case of buyer's remorse and throw the nomination back to her.

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By Geddy on March 04, 2008 at 06:01 pm

Unfortunately Pesidential elections are beauty contests. Obama is a great speaker; Clinton the better at the "nuts and bolts" that a president would be a part of but not as charismatic. I feel fairly certain Obama will be our next president though the better President would be Hillary in my opinion. I think she would get a lot more accomplished.

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By Chris Jones on March 04, 2008 at 06:20 pm


I really used to think Obama probably would be our next President, but I think many people are underestimating the general election. Lofty speeches and soaring rhetoric will likely be enough to carry him through the primary, but it's going to be an entirely new playing field after that.

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