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Interval Of Unadulterated Standards And Straight-ahead Jazz

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, March 13, 2008


Beloved Ballads, Skillful Scats, and Inspirational Improvisation.

The runners, walkers, and bicylcists geared up for the race of their lives on Sunday, March 2, 2008. Musicians just a few miles away were engaged in a tasteful timing of arrangements. The soulful symphony was delivered with love, camaraderie and spellbound musicanship to a packed house of ardent recipients at "Jazz at the A Frame".

The Houston Person Quartet and Vocalist Nancy Kelly fueled the space of the Hollywood Hills venue with tunes to die for. Saxophonist Mr. Houston Person led the pack with the hauntingly wonderful tune by Johnny Burke and Jimmy Van Husen, "But Beautiful".

Mr. Person followed up with "But Not for Me". One of the most wonderful aspects of Mr. Person's performance was his fantastic ability to draw the Jazz lover into the layers of the music. He created a delicious experince that captivated us through each piece.

Houston's soul connection was the incomparable musician from New York, Nancy Kelly. She joined the quartet expanding the pleasure using her vocal instrument filled with enchantment, enticing the audience.

Nancy performed "Don't worry 'bout me", "Sunday kind of love", "New York State of Mind", and an Anita O'Day/Roy Eldridge favorite, "Let me Uptown". Houston actually let her off in the hub of Los Angeles town - Hollywood Hills to groove with an assembly of Jazz enthusiasts. He added the flavor of his mellow and mind-blowing horn chord progressions to Nancy's vocal chops putting smiles on the faces of the elated listeners.

Mr. Person's quintessence is infecticious and his sensitivity to each tune was nothing short of gorgeous coupled with his awareness in phrasing is beyond exceptional.

Clayton Cameron on Drums added shouts of sanction from the audience as we were all in sync with his swing.

An exquistely haunting rendition of "Didn't We" by Ms. Kelly whispered of lost love mingled with Nancy's poignant and beautiful voice.

Tamir Hendelson on Piano augmented with Nancy his elegant intutiveness, spontanatity and depth are mesmerizing . You must see, hear, and feel it first hand.

A brilliant exchange between Bassist- Trevor Ware and Nancy on "It's Alright with Me" indeed let us know is was alright with Jazz, Swing, Scatting, and all that.

Did someone say Scat???

Nancy was paired with Houston and his rousing quartet's impeccable drive of arresting musicality. She literally scat and swayed through tunes such as "Jeanne" and "I got the world on a string".

The treat was better than the most tender and succulent meat!

Nancy, Houston, Clayton, Tamir, and Trevor provided spices never before experienced to the tasteful entree served at "The A Frame" that Sunday afternoon. All the while having a grand time grooving with each other and the audience. We all crossed the finish line in another euphoric espisode in the evolving sets of music pleasure at "Jazz at the A Frame".

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