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The Irresponsibility Of The Web

by D. E. Carson (writer), , March 01, 2008

Website leak truncates royal service – opens new debate asking, “When does the web need to shut the hell up?”

Great Britain’s Prince Harry is back home. No thanks to a website hell bent on telling everything it knows to the whole damn world.

Prince Harry had been deployed to Afghanistan to serve with the Household Cavalry Regiment Battlegroup and was scheduled to return home in April after his tour ended. Major news outlets knew of the royal deployment and had all agreed to withhold releasing the information until the deployment ended.

But a big-mouthed website had other plans.

As of the writing of this article, the name of the irresponsible website has not been identified, however, it has been discovered that once the leak occurred, the information appeared on such sites as Drudge Report. Before Prince Harry’s feet even touched the ground at the Royal Air Force's Brize Norton base near Oxford, England, islamic websites were passing around the information calling for a specific threat against the prince and his regiment. Islamic fascists wanted Prince Harry’s head on a silver platter.

The incident has raised a whole new debate about the responsibility the World Wide Web has in spreading news. Should the web be held to the same standards as traditional, main-scream media? Looking at how irresponsible most American news outlets are anyway, the answer is “No, it should be higher.” But because the web is run by the people, it cannot be as easily policed as traditional print and broadcast media. With the right of free speech comes a responsibility. Just because you have the right to say whatever is on your mind doesn’t mean you have the right to compromise another’s safety or security.

The case of Prince Harry is not unlike the story of Megan Meier, the 13-year old girl who committed suicide because someone decided to see how much fun it would be to be mean to her on a chat room. In both cases someone was more concerned about his or her self than someone else. The website that broke the news of Prince Harry’s deployment only did so for self-edification. It was the “Hey lookie what I know!!!” In Miss Meier’s case, it was “Hey lookie at how mean I can be to someone else.” In both cases the perpetrator is guilty of being a selfish moron with no moral compass whatsoever. The owner of the website was possessed of evil and didn’t care that it was putting an entire Royal Army regiment and an heir to the throne in danger. That bitch Lori Drew (the person responsible for the prank that led to Megan’s suicide) didn’t care that she was possessed of evil and destroying a teenager’s self-esteem – something that is fragile enough to begin with.

The lesson with regards to Prince Harry and Megan Meier is that when you want to post something on the Internet, you have to make damn sure that you are posting truth verifiable by facts and that you are not recklessly endangering someone else’s life. How does Lori Drew feel knowing that she destroyed the self-esteem of a teenage girl? She has a daughter of her own and yet, she was so stupid as to post a prank on the web that preyed on the insecurities of a teenage girl. I am a grown man and I know that teenage girls are more fragile in the self-esteem area than teenage boys. As a teenager, we all are trying to understand what is happening in our world and our bodies. The last thing they need is someone with a website calling them names and saying evil things about them. Personally, I hope Megan Meier haunts Lori Drew for the rest of her life. I hope she can’t sleep and wakes up at night from nightmares with Megan’s face in them.

As for the selfish bastard that leaked Prince Harry’s whereabouts, he got off lucky – this time. The prince was taken out of harm’s way before anyone got hurt. Next time, he may not be so lucky.

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