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Yes, But What Does He Mean "change"?

by D. E. Carson (writer), , February 22, 2008

Barack Obama is riding on a wave of emotional fervor, but can his charisma sustain the momentum?

I'm still waiting for Barack Obama to answer this one question:

Senator, you speak of change. Exactly what kind of change do you mean?

All Senator Obama can say is "It's time for a change." Change of what? Ideas? Mindset? Underwear?

We know that both Hillary and Obama are adamantly against the policies of the current sitting president. We also know that many of their supporters are ready to unleash the gates of Hell on the current administration should the word "impeachment" ever be uttered in the House of Representatives. With less than a year in the presidency of George W. Bush, that seems highly unlikely. But what exactly is Obama is wanting to change?

It's no secret that George W. Bush is not the eloquent orator his father was. Let's face it, the man has his own dictionary and some of the words that come out of his mouth are bound to make any etymologist cringe. But is that the only reason to consider Obama as the next president? Honestly, if the art of oration were a criteria to get a job in America, unemployment would be hovering around 97%. Joe Biden learned the hard way that pointing out Obama's oratory skills is a good way to commit political podiacide. It's certain that he is still limping from that comment. Compared to Bush, yes, Obama is quite articulate -- but then so is Larry the Cable Guy. Biden must have meant something else, but when the gun went off and the bullet pierced his foot, there was no time for damage control. No, there has to be more to Obama than his "articulate" speech.

Perhaps it is Obama's plan for getting American troops out of Iraq. It was Obama who called Bush's current policy a "unilateral plan that has caused great damage" around the world. So Bush's plan to bring Democracy to nations that heretofore have never known the freedom of voting? In islamic controlled nations, "support" for suicide bombings has gone down and the desire for people to have their voices heard has gone up. No, it can't be that Bush has caused extensive damage. Freedom and independence and democracy is on the rise. I'm sure there is a way to blame Bush for it, but since I'm not a liberal conspiracy theorist, I can't think of one.

Is it Obama's plan for universal health care that makes him so special? Nope. Socialized medicine is a zero sum game for everyone involved. No one can afford government health care, so it can't be that.

So what are we left with? Well, what major accomplishments has Obama brought to fruition since he has been in the senate? Anyone? Anyone? (Bueller? Bueller?) I'm sorry to say that no one -- not even Obama himself can say what he has accomplished in the senate because his record in that arena is a big fat goose egg.

All he can say is that he is for change. He has no specifics in mind for this change. Just change. Thing is, I, D. E. Carson would be a change from the status quo. Change for the sake of change is never a good thing. There needs to be a purpose behind it and frankly, Obama doesn't have a purpose for his idea of change. He and Hillary both are proposing change for the sake of change. Hillary is imploding on her own. Obama is riding a wave of emotional fervor. Even if he can sustain that wave through the Democratic convention in Denver, there's no guarantee he can sustain it all the way to November. When people get hyped up there has to be something tangible for them to hold on to. If there is no tangible focus, the hype recedes because a person can only run on emotion so long before fatigue sets in and then nothing. Obama needs to find something tangible that he can offer or he won't make it passed the convention. He'll likely win the nomination, but without a true platform, he'll sink like the Titanic.

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