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A Time To Celebrate, A Time To Remember. Part 2

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, February 21, 2008


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Nina Simone crooned "I wish I knew How it would feel to be free" from the airwaves of a progressive radio station. She was speaking in literal and figurative terms. Many were the restrictions in effect to curtail the freedom and liberty of many minorities until the 1970's and thereafter.

When Nina sang this song she spoke of the inability for some to enjoy specific theatres, restaurants, country club settings, shopping centers, swimming facilities, and other places of recreation. She also spoke of psychological, social, geographical, and emotional limitations to freedom placed on particular races.

Black History Month celebrates the contributions of particular individuals from African Amercian descent. These gifts should always be acknowledged, honored, and remembered.

As we stroll through life in the 21st century, we can leave our contribution and make our mark daily to history by striving to push forward human rights, showing kindness, empathy, and acceptance. We can ignite social consciousness, by encouraging others to look outside their circle and explore territory and people unfamiliar. We can enlight our comunity and world with our gifts that express novel images to make the world a better place and even greater than that a more illuminated metropolis.

After all, Martin Luther King Jr. was an ordinary citizen with a burning passion. A preacher with a message, a friend with helping hand, and a soul with a dream.

Rosa Parks was a woman with convictions, a blue collar worker with a burning fire inside, a human just reaching for equal treatment in daily interactions with her neighbors.

Vivien T. Thomas, African American struggling college student became an invaluable colleague and assistant. Vivien Thomas also became a Sugurical Technician to Alfred Blalock at John Hopkins University in the 1930's -40's becoming instrumental in developing operative techniques that would save many lives.

These are just a few "regular people" that made a difference in life in their hub and globally.

We can make great impact without setting out to do so. All that's necessary is desire, intuition, commitment, drive, and insight. The rest will unfold and come into place.

In the days remaining in Black History Month ~ Continue celebrating, reflectively remembering, and ardently discovering. And, let's make our own individual chronicles where compliancy threatens our society everyday.

Just a thought...and a dream.

Happy Black History Month!

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