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Should your kitchen be something special

by kelifornia (writer), , August 13, 2018

?Mori AG has been based around the company for several years, not far from Lyss.

Mori AG has been based around the company for several years, not far from Lyss. A thoughtless observer might think that this is not exactly beneficial, as it is a very rural area not far from Bern, where as a planner you could attract a lot more clientele than you would here. But that's not the case, because while in the capital Bern a large number of kitchen studios take away the customers and have to fight for each one, since a dissatisfied customer would find the next alternative a few hundred meters further, it is different here. But that does not mean that you can afford anything in the countryside with the customers, as the choice of consultants is not as big and varied as in the city.

No, really not. Here the claim of the customers consists in that one has to do an excellent work for a whole time after the foundation, which is so good that customers get into raptures and thereby actively and authentically recommend the consultant. Once this has been done and once you have made a name for yourself, then it is important to preserve this reputation. Of course, minor mistakes tend to be forgiven once you have gained a basic level of confidence, but bad work gets around a lot faster, especially in rural areas, than this could ever be the case with an excellent way of working. Unfortunately, this is in the nature of humans and can not be influenced. One advantage that this location still has is that this studio can serve all the surrounding areas, where there are a large number of single-family homes, all privately owned and always in need of a kitchen. In the cities there are clearly more households, but also many more studios and the majority of households are rental apartments, which usually all have a kitchen, which is provided by the owner and so much less frequently changed, as in a private household is the case. Therefore, you can sell a lot more kitchens Lyss as a studio than you could ever in Bern as the only studio, the location of this kitchen studio Lyss is therefore optimal and well chosen, look more closely.

But the location alone does not make the success. It also requires a basic affinity for the area of action and experience and expertise in kitchen planning Lyss. Also, you have to be always well informed about the latest kitchen appliances to be able to recommend the right model from the best manufacturer or to be able to organize the device exactly that the customer had already selected due to his research in advance. For many kitchen appliances Lyss are now very important. As a kitchen planner Lyss, the expert knows that and ensures a correspondingly up-to-date level of knowledge, so that nothing goes wrong in the kitchen construction Lyss, which could jeopardize his reputation in the region and among the customers and would lead him soon as some consulting studios for Küchen Bern.

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