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Why Should Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Hybrid 95 Fund Be Yo

Read this article to know about ABSL Equity Hybrid fund which is among one of the best mutual fund schemes.

Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund is a name known to every mutual fund investor. A tie-up between Aditya Birla Capital and Sun Life Financial Inc. the AMC was established in 1994, and today it is among top mutual fund houses in India. The fund house has been giving back to back successful schemes since its inception. Today, we are going to discuss one such successful scheme from ABSL, and that is Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Hybrid 95 Fund.

What Is this Scheme?

Earlier known as Aditya Birla Sun Life Balanced 95 Fund, the ABSL Equity Hybrid 95 fund was launched on Apr 24, 2018, under the category of balanced funds. The scheme was launched with the objective to provide investors with high capital appreciation with the help of a diversified portfolio. This fund, being a hybrid scheme, invests in both equity and debt instruments and follows a 70-30 ratio with a 5% leeway. As of now the investment in equity is 76.24% and in debt is 23.2%. In the debt market, the fund invests mainly in sovereign and corporate bonds with rating AA and above. ABSL Equity Hybrid 95 Fund has a high investment in sectors like banking, finance, FMCG, health-care, and construction with over 49 percent of total investment amount invested in these five sectors. Let’s have a look at the top holdings of this scheme.

Key Parameters of ABSL Equity Hybrid 95 Fund

This scheme has shown really good growth over the years. Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Hybrid 95 fund has a current NAV of Rs 745.4 (as on Jun 22, 2018) which is just double from what it was five years ago. The fund is currently being managed by Mr. Mahesh Patil, Mr. Pranay Sinha, and Mr. Dhaval Shah with a current assets size of Rs 14637 crore (as on May 31, 2018).

It has given a total profit of 20.48% since its inception. The minimum investment amount for this scheme is Rs 500 for lump-sum and Rs 1000 for the SIP investment. The fund has a lock-in period of 3 years, and if you decide on redeeming your investment before that, then an exit load of 1% will be deducted. This scheme has an expense ratio of 2.27% and the risk associated with it is moderately high. ABSL Equity Hybrid 95 Fund has been generating consistent profits for its investors as it has given returns of 5.33%, 10.27%, 17.40% and 14.43% in 1, 3, 5, and ten years, respectively and the return it has generated since its inception is 20.48%. The fund, being a balanced scheme, has shown that it is a perfect balance of growth and security. This scheme is one of the best schemes in a large-cap category by Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund. It is best-suited to investors who are looking for a long time investment in a fund with low risk and high-profit booking.

Going through the details, you can check that if the scheme meets your investment needs and can plan on investing. However, it is suggested to consult your financial adviser before concluding.

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