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On Male Enhancement Internet Marketing

by benjamin (writer), springfield, nj, February 15, 2008

An analysis of the strange world of penile related emails.

My very unscientific research into the field of penis related advertising started when I was given the job to check my boss’s emails. She, yes she, would get multiple emails a day asking her if she wanted to increase the size of her penis by 1 to 4 inches (depending on the duration of time she stayed on the pills), or if she was tired of its flaccidity and wanted a boost she could get 70% off some pills. Once the hilarity of seeing these emails subsided I got to wonder a few things, and wished I could get some answers.

Who are these companies? As a male in my twenties it would seem more relevant for them to flood my mailbox with advertisements relating to the male sexual organ. Instead they are sending countless emails to a middle age women. In addition, there is no ambiguity in her email address. It is just her name, which I assume has never been used by a male, and the company we work for. I am a little bit jealous that those guys have jobs in marketing. I think the least thing they could do was come up with some sort of gender neutral add campaign delivered through email so that it would at least in theory be effective no matter who opened the email. "Are you unsatisfied by the size of your (or your lovers) johnson?" How easy was that? Instead they are bombarding strangers with vulgar messages that do not even directly concern them.

Does this form of advertising really work, and is it specific to that ailment? I would love to know if there have been test groups and case studies that prove that in general, the best way to reach that demographic (male unsatisfied by size and performance) is through random emails. Questionnaires have been handed out and returned and the most trustworthy source of penis expanders are found in emails with the words jumbled up to get past spam filters. It almost seems crazy that anyone would contact any of these sites. Actually, I honestly want to know if there has ever been anyone that contacted them or are they on some sort of medical grant loophole that employs the unemployable by sending ten word emails to millions of random people. I am positive that if anyone really wanted help in that area they would find a better way to contact professionals. Would you trust any other medical matter through that type of contact?

One possible flip side is that there is someone out there that feels that if they could just get the word out, their enlarger will start flying off the shelves. The problem is that their email-marketing department is not so bright. So, instead of working on efficiency or even looking like a credible company they just go out there willy nilly and send strangers creepy emails. The company owner comes in saying, "What is this? Does that email really refer to a throbbing member?"

"Uh, I guess so."

"You don’t think that’s offensive at all?"

"I dunno."

"Get outa here!"

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By Rachel Eagle Reiter on February 15, 2008 at 01:35 pm

Dear Benjamin,

You touched upon a cultural concern.  After all when did the whole fad come into vogue?  When did men start to get enlargements?  There are two main cultural factors:

a) the pornographic industry***but what man is going to be influenced by that?  There are women in the porn industry who go to bed with animals.  It's filthy.  And it's all over the web. There are women who insert foreign objects in themselves and other women: objects that are way larger than they should be.  Listen guy, you don't have to live up to that.  You shouldn't have to live up to that.  [I know I'm reaching somebody here...]

b) the sexual liberation movement***but who are the women in the lib movement?  They are rather "free" with their bodies [to use a nice word].  As we can see from the pornographic and sexual liberation movements, there are certain women who are so insatiable that nothing will satisfy them.  My suggestion?  Revolution in the Psychiatric Industry.  Nymphomania is widespread and it needs immediate attention.  Think about it:  men are altering their natural, healthy bodies to feed the abnormal, addictive, behavior of loose women. 

Not too long ago, women were treated for Nymphomania.  But the treatment could have been more humane.  I'm praying for a new line of drugs to address the epidemic of female sex addiction (Nymphomania).  Drugs along with counseling would be fair and humane treatment for Nymphomaniacs.  But just ignoring the issue, pretending that it doesn't exist, and even blaming healthy, normal males for what is a widespread female problem--is unethical.   

Yours very sincerely,

Rachel Eagle Reiter

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