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Violence Shatters Valentine's Day

by Lady D (writer), Perris, Ca, February 14, 2008


Hollywood shooting effects more than just the victims.

The bike lying in the street at the corner of Wilton Pl. and Clinton St. is not due to a car accident, it is due to a shooting of a young man.

 At approximately 11:30am Valentines’ Day in Hollywood, police respond to a multiple shots fired call, and a dozen blocks are shut down by crime tape.

Captain Tom Brascia (Hollywood Division Patrol  Commanding Officer) gave a statement at approximately 1:30pm.

“The investigation is a very preliminary stage, apparently there were two individuals on bikes and two on foot. One of the individuals that was on foot pulled a gun out and shot at one of the  bike riders. He was wounded transferred to Cedar Sinai where he later died.” “There was a possible second exchange of gun fire, the remaining individuals tried to flee the scene.”

A witness Rick Slozha, said “I was sitting in his truck and heard popping sounds about three and then I heard two more and I realized it was gun fire. Then in my side mirror I saw two possibly Hispanic guys kind of running down Clinton St. I heard two more shots and they really started running fast, and one guy took out his gun and started firing.” When I asked if he saw the type gun Rick said, “When they took the gun out I ducked down in seat of the truck.”

Captain Brascia said, “We are detaining three individuals, that may be associated with the incident.” “We had a lot of good citizens that witnessed the event and this is still a very preliminary investigation.”

 Wilton Pl, Van Ness Blvd and Norton St. on the south side of Melrose Ave. were closed off all the way down to Elmwood St, due to the ongoing investigation, which brought out over a dozen police cars and twice as many officers

There are two schools within a block of the initial scene where according to witness’s approximately nine shots were heard. Both schools had worried parents calling the school, as nobody was allowed in or out of the cordoned off area.

 Also one woman who said, “My car is behind the yellow crime tape, don’t guess I will be driving anywhere today.”

Even the mailman was restricted, rain, nor snow, nor hail, nor sleet… however they didn’t have crime tape back when that was written.

In today’s world the life of many a young person is taken needlessly by violence. Whether it be uncondoned violence like this or the condoned violence of war. We are all affected, by either having to mourn a lost loved one or the fear of that possibility, or in so many other small ways.

It is now 4:30 pm. And the crime tape is finally being taken down and the neighborhood looks back to normal to the unknowing eye.

We are all the cause and we are all the effect. So maybe the next time you’re feeling angry and  want to lash out, you might think of how many people can be affected.

  Think Valentines’ Day every day. Love is not just for special occasions.


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