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The Prison Industrial Complex In The Eyes Of Mumia Abu-jamal


Welcome to Philadelphia our fair city! By Danny Clover

Every industry in the western hemisphere that once was thriving and booming has systematically disappeared into a vacuum with the exception of one, the only growth industry within the United States is the corrections industry (“the correction industry is booming”, as Mumia Abu-Jamal would say). Today the ultimate solution to America’s economic problems is exclusively addressed by the status quo of the bureaucratic power structure by way of this growing industry. Mumia Abu Jamal believes that the correctional institution as we know it is an expandable corporation that is cooperatively functional through the judiciary process which feeds poor people, the homeless, blacks, poor whites, Puerto Ricans and many other minorities into the penal system, like McDonalds manufactures their own raw material, processes it and distributes their brand of hamburgers feeding the general public.


Can this be authentic reality, the possibility that our congressional servants have jumped ship, abandoning their governmental responsibilities to the people they serve? The only way that this can be done is if the actuality of congressional and constitutional laws that protect USA citizens from corporate para-statal take over is if the constitution no longer exists and as a consequence the thesis of our laws have dissipated and eventually expired with it.


Tenacious and indiscriminate voices of the media, the court system and the political agenda today, overwhelmingly seem to have adopted a complete indifference to constitutional law. If you look at the political characteristics of our system, the overall public perspective shows no political signs or judicial desire to necessitate the continuation of the Bill of Rights or the constitution, it is as though every person went to sleep and forgot about who they were (free people), and enveloped themselves in the comfort of that “don’t want to know” attitude. Comparatively at one time people were about their rights, they clung to their constitutional contract that assured them of the permanency of those rights that they were born with. But if we look critically at our system we may find that the cloak which hides the organs of our system is only there to hide from the people the knowledge that no one in our court system ever talks about, (the laws of our land) because the laws no longer exist. This government endorsed structure is suggestively no longer subject to constitutional law, and (as I take leave of that though) on the other hand it is now subject to corporate courts and military tribunals.


While we continue to labor for our personal improvement we are constantly struggling for the survival of an unconstitutional system and whether we know it or not we are supporting a system that calls for the imprisonment and enslavement of all people. Because the size of government is vastly expandable to the point that big brother has outgrown its own creators, the political checks and balances that normally hold government in line have fail to react to rapidly unlawful developing changes.


I realize that perhaps my prospective point of view here is not congruent with yours as the reader, because I haven’t really brought you up to speed with all of the information about who Mumia Abu Jamal is (and please forgive me for this seemingly oversight, but I have my reasons). First I wanted to give you a taste of some of Mumia Abu Jamal’s articulate thoughts before I actually introduced you to him, sort of an insight to his individual perspective so that you can get to know him better. Judging from my point of view Mumia Abu Jamal is an international political prisoner, he is a political activist who was also a member of the black party organization. He was born Wesley Cook on April 24, 1954) was also convicted and sentenced to death for the 1981 murder of police officer Daniel Faulkner. Currently he is a prisoner at State Correctional Institution Greene near Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately there is a lot of information about Mumia Abu Jamal and his case so I suggest that you check it out for yourself, it is too much for me to get into in this particular medium. Although the courts have pronounced him guilty the continual development of new evidence which suggest his innocence (including a obscured man who latter come forward to confess his guilt) has not freed Mumia Abu Jamal, neither from the bars that hold him or the ceiling mobiles that continually hang over his head reminding him of death row. Mumia Abu Jamal is a very articulate individual who has shown his abilities as a responsive person by operating and doing from prison all the things that we’d like to do as free people, he has written many books, By 1975 he was pursuing a vocation in radio newscasting, first at Temple University's WRTI and then at commercial enterprises. In 1975, he was employed at radio station WHAT and he became host of a weekly feature program of WCAU-FM in 1978. He was also employed for brief periods at radio station WPEN, and became active in the local chapter of the Marijuana Users Association of America. From 1979 he worked at WUHY public radio station until 1981 when he was asked to submit his resignation after a dispute about the requirements of objective focus in his presentation of news. As a radio journalist he earned the moniker "the voice of the voiceless" and was renowned for identifying with and giving exposure to the MOVE anarcho-primitivist commune in Philadelphia's Powelton Village neighborhood, including reportage of the 1979–80 trial of certain of its members (the "MOVE Nine") charged with the murder of police officer James Ramp. At the time of the killing of Daniel Faulkner, Abu-Jamal was working as a taxicab driver in Philadelphia. He was also the outgoing President of the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists, and had been working part-time as a reporter for WDAS, then an African-American-oriented and minority-owned radio station. currently Mumia Abu Jamal continues to write books, host radio talk shows while broadcasting from prison, he uses the airwaves to promote his arguments and to continue the activist advocacy struggle, which really is the resistance against oppression of all kinds.


Prior to his arrest he was a Black Panther Party activist, cab driver, and journalist. During his imprisonment he has courted controversy as an honoree of municipal, educational and civil society organizations, and as a spoken word commentator and published author of several works—most notably Live from Death Row.

Main article: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Mumia Abu-Jamal

Daniel Faulkner

On December 9, 1981, Philadelphia Police Department officer Daniel Faulkner was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop of a vehicle driven by William Cook, Abu-Jamal's younger brother. In the altercation Abu-Jamal was wounded by a shot from Faulkner, and collapsed on the sidewalk. He was taken directly from the scene of the shooting to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and received treatment for his injuries. He was later charged with the first-degree murder of Daniel Faulkner.

The case went to trial in June 1982 in Philadelphia. Judge Albert F. Sabo initially agreed to Abu-Jamal's request to represent himself, with criminal defense attorney Anthony Jackson acting as his legal advisor. During the first day of the trial this decision was reversed and Jackson was ordered to resume acting as Abu-Jamal's sole advocate by reason of what the judge deemed to be intentionally disruptive actions on Abu-Jamal's part.


On December 6, 2005, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit admitted four issues for appeal of the ruling of the District Court:

  • in relation to sentencing, whether the jury verdict form had been flawed and the judge's instructions to the jury had been confusing;
  • in relation to conviction and sentencing, whether racial bias in jury selection existed to an extent tending to produce an inherently biased jury and therefore an unfair trial (the Batson claim);
  • in relation to conviction, whether the prosecutor improperly attempted to reduce jurors' sense of responsibility by telling them that a guilty verdict would be subsequently vetted and subject to appeal;
  • in relation to post-conviction review hearings in 1995–6, whether the presiding judge—who had also presided at the trial—demonstrated unacceptable bias in his conduct.

on May 17, 2007 The Third Circuit Court heard oral arguments in the appeals, at the United States Courthouse in Philadelphia. The appeal panel consisted of Chief Judge Anthony Joseph Scirica, Judge Thomas Ambro, and Judge Robert Cowen. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania sought to reinstate the sentence of death, on the basis that Yohn's ruling was flawed, as he should have deferred to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court which had already ruled on the issue of sentencing, and the Batson claim was invalid because Abu-Jamal made no complaints during the original jury selection. Abu-Jamal's counsel told the Third Circuit Court that Abu-Jamal did not get a fair trial because the jury was both racially-biased and misinformed, and the judge was a racist. (Court stenographer Terri Maurer-Carter stated in a 2001 affidavit that the presiding judge had exclaimed, "Yeah, and I'm going to help them fry the nigger", in the course of a conversation regarding Abu-Jamal's case. Judge Sabo denied making such a comment. As of February 2008, the court has not rendered a decision.

Life as a prisoner

In May 1994, Abu-Jamal was engaged by National Public Radio's All Things Considered program to deliver a series of monthly 3-minute commentaries on crime and punishment. The broadcast plans and commercial arrangement were cancelled following condemnations from, amongst others, the Fraternal Order of Police and US Senator Bob Dole (R-KS). The commentaries later appeared in print in May 1995 as part of Live from Death Row.

In 1999, he was invited to deliver the keynote address for the graduating class at The Evergreen State College. The event was protested heavily. In 2000, he gave a commencement address at Antioch College. The New College of California School of Law has presented him with an honorary degree "for his struggle to resist the death penalty".

While his spoken word commentaries are recorded regularly, and may be listened to online at Prison Radio, and he continues to write a Saturday weekly column for the German language Marxist newspaper junge Welt, restrictions have at times been imposed upon his activities. In 1995, he was punished with solitary confinement for engaging in entrepreneurship contrary to prison regulations. Subsequent to the airing of the 1996 HBO documentary Mumia Abu-Jamal: A Case for Reasonable Doubt?, which included footage from visitation interviews conducted with him, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections acted to ban outsiders from using any recording equipment in state prisons. In litigation before the US Court of Appeals in 1998 he successfully established his right to write for reward in prison. The same litigation also established that the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections had illegally opened his mail in an attempt to establish whether he was writing for financial gain. When, for a brief time in August 1999, he began delivering his radio commentaries live on the Pacifica Network's Democracy Now! weekday radio newsmagazine, local prison authorities severed the connecting wires of his telephone from their mounting in mid-performance.

His publications include “Death Blossoms: Reflections from a Prisoner of Conscience,” in which he explores religious themes, “All Things Censored,” a political critique examining issues of crime and punishment, and “We Want Freedom: A Life in the Black Panther Party,” which is a history of the Black Panthers drawing on autobiographical material.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia\

The international campaign for the survival of Mumia Abu Jamal is growing and has continued to grow without ceasing because of the unequivocal evidence which proves his innocence, the growing documentation, including the many witnesses who saw a different man shoot and kill Officer Daniel Faulkner. Counter campaigns unfortunately do exist, which is to circumvent the international collectivism of intelligent people like Mumia Abu Jamal, inquisitive analytical and critical minds that clinically examines the various systems in which we all live under while others except without any real academic focus (intelligent people have become dangerous to the system especially it they question its structural motivations).


In conclusion my heart goes out to this man; I’ve always had a soft spot for the innocent. Without looking over my shoulder let me say that we as free people, (allegedly free) can not permit ourselves the privilege of considering sanctuary when another person in our society clearly is overwhelmed with legislative injustice (Unjustly imprisoned, set up and marked for death). Personally I feel that the whole thing was a set up, is it a coincidence that a simple traffic stop would find Mumia Abu Jamal driving in the very next cab while his brother was being accosted by a police officer a few cars away?


In prison everything that a person is, everything that he or she desires to become after a while dies, except the desire for freedom, that my friend is the culmination to the definition of the desires of slaves. If we knowingly allow an innocent person to go to jail taking away his natural right to be free, and then be executed for being innocent, then freedom for the world dyes with him, the moment he stops breathing tyranny unfastens the doors of hell leaving no possible return for a healthy society.


• Mumia Abu-Jamal- Mumia's description of what happened to him on the night of December 9, 1981, when he was framed for the murder of Officer Faulkner.

• William Cook- Mumia's brother's account of what happened to them on the night of December 9, 1981. Why did prosecutor's embrace William's account for William's trial, but completely contradict it in Mumia's trial?

• Arnold Beverly- The former mafia hit-man who confessed to killing Officer Faulkner during a mob hit. Mumia is on death row due to be framed up for the murder of Officer Faulkner.

• Linn Washington- News reporter who worked with Mumia and observed improprieties at the crime scene.

• Donald Hersing- FBI undercover informant who exposed widespread police corruption in Philadelphia. These corrupt police, including police at the scene on Dec 9, 1981.

• Terri Maurer-Carter- Court reporter who heard the original trial judge, Judge Sabo, make racist comments regarding Mumia and his trial.

• Yvette Williams- Co-worker and friend of Cynthia White, the prosecution's key witness, who described to Yvette how told her she lied in court because of police pressure, how police gave her drugs and special food to bribe her into cooperation.

• George Michael Newman- A private investigator contracted by Mumia's then-attorney, Leonard Weinglass to locate and investigate witness, Robert Chobert. Newman reports his interviews with Newman turned up remarkably different accounts than Weinglass' interviews, and describes how he was then sidelined by Weinglass.

• Kenneth Pate- Brother-in-law of security guard, Priscilla Durham. He relates how she admitted she lied in her testimony due to police pressure when she said Mumia confessed.


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By Rose Mountain on February 27, 2009 at 04:32 pm

Credo thanks for publishing this important piece about our prison systems. Great to see you back Credo. For readers to read decades of America's censored and underreported news, from 2009 thru 1976, see the website by hundreds of professors who have reviewed and published the Top 25 most important news stories for each year, since 1976. At see right side,Click on Top 25 Archives. Most important is to read who's subverting our government, fabricating hoaxes of fear, manipulating intelligence reports, read years during Pres Reagan and Bush Senior, years under Pres Bush Senior, years under Pres Bush Jr.     Warning--Your heart will break,your soul will shiver, your mind may explode. But have faith, millions of professors, Congresspeople, and We The People of the world are working to create a humanistic democracy in America, with transparency and honesty, and to stop covert and corporate abuses in the US and by the US covert govt in countries worldwide.

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By Rose Mountain on February 27, 2009 at 05:17 pm

To discover what's truly been happening in our country since 1900 and especially since WW2 there are several important whistleblowers, like Professor Chossudovsky and Wayne Madsen who worked in the NSA and is now an investigative journalist, see both at and and Larry Chin and Madsen at Madsen's sources are intelligence whistleblowers and others revealing the Bush Senior Family's global network of crimes and massive corporate fraud, also see my Series. John Perkins is another important whistleblower at he was introduced by British BBC News investigative journalist Greg Palast at  Perkins was interviewed on nationwide freespeech TV/radio at Perkins published his first 2 books in 2006 & 2007 in the US and 20 other countries, and his 3rd book came out recently which includes several whistleblowers. All his books are about the "coporatocracy" (he calls it) buy at etc His first book (on the New York Times bestseller list) "Confessions of An Economic Hitman", then "The Secret History of the American Empire, Economic Hitmen, Jackals, and The Truth About Global Corruption". Perkins says the US global empire is comprised of US banks, corporations and the US covert government who together control then overthrow the economies of the US and third world countries around the world. After Boston University Perkins was approached by the US Govt's National Security Agency (NSA) the most secretive organization, more than the CIA, (the NSA has been spying on Americans the last 8 years). Perkins was turned over from the NSA to a private corporation in the 1970's to be an "economic hitman" for the US. Perkins says most US wars are not fought with the US military anymore unless both the "economic hitmen" and the "jackals" (corporate assasinations of Presidents and other Heads of State) fail, then the US army is sent. The "corporatocracy" creates a global empire by forcing a country to take out a debt they can's repay, for services and infrastructure, the corporations seek to control their resources usually oil. Former New York Times journalist Stephen Kinzer wrote the book "Overthrow America's Century of Regime Change From Hawaii to Iraq" Kinzer says since 1898 corporations, the CIA and US covert govt have been overthrowing countries worldwide for their resources, but Perkins says the economic hitman like himself began after WW2.

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By Credo on May 01, 2009 at 09:18 am

Hey thanks guys for the analysis, I really appreciate it; I‘m not online as much as I would like to be so I don't have time to make direct replies. But just to touch bases I’ll try to keep up appearances.


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By Credo on August 13, 2013 at 07:24 am

Rose Mountain

Although I haven't heard from you in some time, I figured that through the time continuum [the internet] I may leave my undying gratitude for your comments. You know that I am always later [tardy with my responses], but I hope you know that I do and always will appreciate your opinions.

Thank you


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