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More Cattle Less Bull

by D. E. Carson (writer), , February 13, 2008

Clinton Coronation Losing Likelihood In Wake of Obama Victories.

Following another political spaking at the hands of opponent Barack Obama, Hillary clinton addressed a crowd of supporters at the University of Texas, El Paso basketball arena attempting to use a southern expression about the lack of substance she believes is very apparent in the Bush Administration.

"There's a great saying in Texas: all hat and no cattle. Well after seven years of George Bush, we need a lot less hat and a lot more cattle."

It's not readily apparent, but it seems that Senator Clinton thinks she's a cow. Of course, on that particular aspect of her presence, I'm inclined to agree with her. That heffer couldn't lead a retreat let alone the United States military -- which we all know what her husband did to them.

When it comes to Hillary Clinton, I don't mind being the bearer of bad news -- anything to aggitate that woman is fair game in my book. Just this past weekend, NBC correspondent David Shuster accused Hillary of pimping out Chelsea in her quest for her coronation. To which I had to fall on the floor laughing. The only sad part about it was that because Shuster belongs to the liberal media machine, he had to go and apologize for saying that. Well, let's get something straight. Chelsea is being pimped out for her mother because Chelsea hasn't got the cajones to stand up to her mother. Never mind that Chelsea has the same horse-face smile her mother has. I really have to feel sorry for Chelsea for having to look in the mirror and see Hillary every day for the rest of her life. But I digress...

Hillary is losing ground faster than you can say Monica Lewinsky. Instead of reaching out to her supporters in Tuesday's "Potomac Primary" in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., Hillary spent the day in Texas, where she hopes that she can recoup losses to Barack Obama. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Obama walked away with all three of the Potomac Primaries and doesn't need to look back. As my daughter would say, "How rude!"

Angry over losing last Saturday's primaries, Clinton all but bitch-slapped Patti Solis Doyle, replacing her as campaign manager with Maggie Williams. Today, after the thumping Clinton took in the East, Clinton's deputy campaing manager Mike Henry (which, by the way is the name of the actor who played the idiot son of Jackie Gleason's Sheriff Buford T. Justice in Smokey and the Bandit) stepped down. It has been publicly said that Henry stepped down "out of respect for Maggie and her new leadership team." (I almost left the typo -- ream instead of team -- as the former was a much more appropriate description). There is speculation that Henry was squeezed out as he was the one who suggested that she not campaign in Iowa, where even John Edwards got to wipe the floor with Clinton.

It's no secret that Hillary is losing ground. She is banking on hispanic voters in Texas to help her regain her coronation status. Remember folks, this is a woman who wanted to see Kennedy-McCain passed so that she could buy a truckload of hispanic votes from all those newly minted hispanic Democratic voters. And yes, the Republicans are not much better off with their heir apparent being the fool whose name appeared on that debacle.

The truth is beginning to come out. Hillary isn't presidential material. She is a whiny liberal who has actually threatened to garnish the wages of anyone who does not willingly participate in her universal health care program. She is an evil manipulator who cries in front of voters when she doesn't get her way. She pimps out her daughter in hopes of garnering young male Democrats to vote for her (just remember, any college-age male voting this year isn't thinking with the head sticking out of his shirt). She thinks that George W. Bush lied about the reason for going into Iraq and if she had her way, our troops would come home tomorrow with no regard to what will happen in Iraq. You can take this next bit to the bank: if Hillary is elected and she completely withdraws our troops from Iraq, that nation will sink into a slaughterhouse that will make Cambodia and the German Death Camps look like church pot-luck gatherings. And to top it off, she will find some way to blame George W. Bush for all of that just as another commercial airliner crashes into the White House and/or the capitol building. Well, I may not be right on the part about the commercial airliners, but I guarantee she will find a way to blame Bush. After all, she's made a career out of blaming Bush for the last seven years. Why stop after he's out?

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