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The Time Is Drawing Near…

by D. E. Carson (writer), , November 04, 2006

I am a big believer in one of our freedoms more than any other; the freedom to vote for whomever we wish without fear of retaliation. This freedom was guaranteed by the men who established this nation as a right to all citizens of this nation.

My Irish gets riled when I hear people say that they don’t take the time to vote because they think their vote doesn’t count. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every vote counts and if counters have to stay up all night, they will count them! People who do not vote have no right to complain about the way things are being run. You are guaranteed a voice to demand that this nation be run the way you think it should and that voice is your vote.

The reason illegal aliens gather in the street and protest is because they know that they do not have the right to vote in this nation. This is as it should be. Those who have the right to vote, and no one else, should influence the elections of this nation. If you believe something is wrong, it is your obligation to go out and vote. I am not attempting to tell anyone how to vote – you are guaranteed the right to vote how you choose – but let me tell you something, you are not making any kind of statement if you do not vote.

Believe me, if illegal aliens could vote in this country, they would show up in droves! People would have to actually wait in very long lines to cast ballots. There are people living in countries all over this world who would literally give their right arm just to have the right to vote and determine the destiny of their country. That is what makes this nation the greatest in the world. We have the right to vote and no one can take that away.

I could care less for whom you vote. I am just demanding that you go vote! Unfortunately, if you are not registered, you cannot vote in the election coming up this Tuesday, but you can vote in the future. If you don’t like how this Tuesday’s election comes out, then you need to go register on Wednesday and make sure that you vote in the next election.

Consider this: liberals cry that conservatives view liberals as unpatriotic. I see those who do not vote as unpatriotic. Voting is your patriotic duty. If you do not wish to serve in the military, that is fine, but serve your nation by taking the time to vote.

I can hear you saying, “But I have the right not to vote!”

Yes, you do, but by not voting, you are unpatriotic. If you did not take the time to vote in 2000 or 2004 for president, you do not have the right to sit there and tell me that you think President Bush is a liar. You do not have the right to tell me that Nancy Pelosi is a poor representative. Nor do you have the right to tell me that George W. Bush is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Nor do you have the right to tell me that Dianne Feinstein is an effective senator. Whether you support Democrats or Republicans, if you don’t vote keep your mouth shut. Your vote is your voice and by voting you have the right to complain and praise our leaders in Washington or the local state capitals.

For whom you vote, it does not matter. Just vote! I’m going to.

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