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The best safety equipment for road safety is reflective vest

by stebenda (writer), , May 17, 2018

According to the police, the best radiant vests are visible.

For almost a year, pedestrians moving outside the village have the obligation to wear a reflective vest in the dark and in the evening. According to the police, the best radiant vests are visible.

However, the results from the testing rooms, which were also Czech Television, show that many of them have lost their luminosity. The people in them, though, do their duty, but they cannot be seen better.

The requirement is that the vests withstand 25 washings, said Ivan Itch, a technician at the Textile Testing Institute. Although the tested waistcoat declares that it can withstand 50 washings, signs of wear are visible after the first. The safety vest material according to the head of the Certification Department of TZU is not suitable because it is very thin: "After the first wash, the damage is visible on the reflective strip." The vest would not be tested according to the test. After ten rumors, it would be almost useless in the field.

"These fluorescence belts are susceptible to wear during washing and maintenance," Horace explained. Materials are also destroyed by abrasion or bending. In the institute, therefore, they simulate the friction of the high visibility vest that pedestrians walk in. However, none of the samples tested.

At the last inspection, no third vest was passed

For bikes or children's clothing, there are no limits to the properties of the material; the radiant color is only an advantage in these cases. On the contrary, the law for working clothes prescribes the strict parameters, that is, it is just for reflective vests.

According to reflection experts, the CE mark is one of the most important data. "There are vests that do not have a brand and look very similar. But they cannot really be guaranteed that the reflexive properties are in order, "said Karle, an author of the Karle Certified Safety Institute. However, the TZU test did not pass the hi vis vest from the stand that had this brand. The Czech Trade Inspection carried out the last control action targeting these goods in 2012. The fault was found with every third manufacturer.

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