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They stole my love

by Thomas T. (writer), Inland Empire, November 04, 2006

What is a man to do when his true love is stolen from him? A real man would vow in his heart to find her and get her back.

Forgive me if as I write this, the letters begin to run in the puddles of my tears. I am in sorrow for a lost loved one. She did not pass away, nor did she leave me of her own will. She was stolen from me. Kidnapped, gagged, beaten into submission, chained and locked away, away from the sight of the many who now mourn her loss.

And the kidnappers remain at large, in plain sight, perpetrating their villainy for all to see. They have a name: they are the neo-cons. And the love they stole from me is my sweet United States of America.

This country is my true love. I don't love the genocide that she committed against the indigenous people of the land. I don't love the centuries of stolen labor she was built on in the time of slavery. I don't love the oppression of her poor that characterized her industrial revolution. I don't love the suppression of people's civil rights that she committed because of the color of their skin. I don't love the long history of corrupt politicians
that have been her caretakers for all these years.

So what is it that I love? I love the ideals she was founded on. I love the notions of liberty that her founders espoused, even if they didn't mean it for everyone (they didn't, of course). I love my right to write this. I love my right to a fair and speedy trial. I love my right to vote, even if it counts for so little in this semblence of democracy. I love my liberty, to come and go as I please, to worship God as I please, and to shout out loud when something is going wrong.

And something is going wrong.

One by one, each of the things I love about America is being taken away, and no one seems to care. Not enough people, anyway. And certainly almost none of the people whose sworn duty it is to protect her.

And they have done all of this in the name of security. But we are not safer, only less free. And make no mistake - this is the real neo-con agenda: to make us all less free. When we are less free, they are more free to amass enormous profits for Halliburton, Chevron and Exxon.

It is not to protect the unborn, or to safeguard the sanctity of the institution of marriage. It is simply all about oil.

That is not overly simplistic. In fact, it is overly complicating the matter to attach any other significance to their agenda. And I don't just mean the war in Iraq. I mean the entire agenda. It's all about oil profiteering.

Those of you skeptical about this simple truth, I refer you to an interview on Showtime's Henry Rollins Show with the maker of the film "Syriana". He makes it painfully obvious and clear, from a well-informed perspective, why this is true. I hope it is possible for the reader to find this interview and watch it.

Of course, it is a deep tragedy that we are fighting, killing and dying for this cause. I mourn the nearly 3,000 soldiers who have given their lives in this illegal war. I also mourn for the untold hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians who have died - men, women and children. This is an awful truth. But I submit that it a far worse thing, at least for you and me in the long run, that we are losing America. That we are losing our liberty. That we are losing our national soul.

So what do we do to get our love back?

One thing at a time. It will take dedication, perseverance and patience to find her and bring her back, but we can do it. The only task right now is simple: vote for Democrats across the board. Not, mind you, because I think they are so good, or so trustworthy, or such effective allies in this struggle.


In fact, I am certain that given a unified agenda like that of the neo-cons, Democrats are just as capable of stealing elections like the neo-cons did the last two. But, of course, the terms "Democrats" and "unified agenda" can only be mentioned in the same sentence with dismay for its obvious absurdity.

And make no mistake here, either, people: they did steal the 2000 and 2004 elections, in Ohio and Florida. I realize this is being restated by another liberal (me), but moderates are saying it too.

In fact, anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of statistics either knows it, or (unless they are blind, follow-the-leader Bushie-conservatives) can be convinced of it.

Here are the facts:

1. Exit polls have NEVER BEEN WRONG (look it up).
2. The voting machines in Ohio were privately controlled and closed to scrutiny.
3. The exit polls in Ohio were drastically off of the final vote count.
4. Politicians are corrupt - anyone who would put it past them to do this deed, anyone who thinks that they being upstanding Americans wouldn't even think that it didn't matter how they win, as long as they do, is a moron (and morons, by the way, are not allowed to hide behind accusations of consipracy nuttery).

Newsflash: In 2004, votes for Kerry were changed by the Diebold software to votes for Bush. It is not far-fetched. It would only take one well-paid software developer and the neo-con braintrust. And it is incontravertible.

Enough has been said about the 2000 Florida debacle, but I'll restate the well-known here:
1. More than enough votes for Gore were improperly discounted by various means throughout Florida. Anyone who denies this still is a moron.
2. The Supreme Court's decision was an unprecedented and unconstitutional intrusion into the electoral process by activist judges.

OK. Now, if, as I stated above, Democrats have been so ineffective, how does voting for them across the board this election help us get our love back? Simple: it sends a message. It says "Hey, elected officials. We did this so you would get off your collective butts and impeach these viallains already."


The "i" word?

The fact that a single-letter euphemism is used to convey the term's taboo status is alraming. By now, impeachment should be a foregone conclusion, not a taboo subject.

Of course, the articles of impeachment are numerous. But without doing any internet research I can easily rattle off three clear-cut cases for it, and these are only three of the many ways that this kidnapping has been perpetrated:

1. The Suspension of Habeus Corpus. If this isn't the definition of a high crime against the state, then nothing is. Despite the either uninformed or purposefully deceptive rantings of some, it is unprecedented in U.S. history. And it should be enough to have freedom-loving Americans storming the castle. Why do you conservatives hate America so much? How are you standing for this?

2. Unwarranted spying on American citizens. Perhaps this would be understandable if it made us safer. No, it wouldn't. We should all rather be free from intrusion like this than safe. But, lo and behold, even the FBI has admitted that the practice has not made us safer. Read your e-mail now and then, King George.

3. Lying and falsifying evidence to get us into a long-desired war (oil, anyone?) against a sovereign nation that posed no threat and did us no harm. To be sure, it was a terrible, oppressive, despotic regime, but there are dozens of these. Let's go fight for regime change in Cuba, Sudan, and North Korea for heaven's sake. Unfortunately it may take the judge of history to bring this one fully to light, but it will.

And, by the way, for those of uninformed about the impeachment process, for which indecency I am willing to blame our lousy education system, impeachment does not mean "But that means we'll have President Cheney!"

Impeachment is not just for presidents. We impeach the whole lot of them, and remove them from office until Nancy Pelosi is president, then we hold her neck to the chopping block until she gives us our country back.

Are you with me?

Please, vote with us. The reality is - and I know many will accuse me of being alarmist, but history has demonstrated this truth - the next step after the suspension of habeus corpus is martial law. It's not an overstatement. America is in deep trouble, and we have to save her.

America, my love, don't worry. Stay strong. We will save you. I have millions of friends out here who still love you. We won't let you go. We won't let these villains destroy you. We won't rest until you are safely back in our arms.

I love you forever.

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