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5 awesome tips to increase Instagram followers

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , April 05, 2018

Here I have compiled a list of five awesome tips that would help you increase your Instagram followers and make you famous.

Technology has given many innovations that made life simple. But this is one invention that has made the life of ordinary man famous. Yes, I am talking about Instagram.

If you have exceptional skills or you are talented, this is your stage. You can become famous overnight, like a celebrity reaching out to stars. I suppose this was your perception about Instagram till now?

Well, that’s half the truth. If you want to get famous through Instagram, then you have to get people to like you and follow you. And if you are not searchable, no matter what talent you have, you will still be unknown, and that’s the sad reality of social media.

Here I have compiled a list of five awesome tips that would help you increase your Instagram followers and make you famous.

  1. Link your Instagram account to your accounts on different social media: So the thing is that most of Facebook users are Instagram users as well. Now this means that your Facebook friends will also be using Instagram. By linking different social media accounts to your Instagram account, you increase the chances of getting more like by at least 20%. But the job is not yet done; you need to post your Instagram photos and posts on Facebook and Twitter etc. by doing so, you are promoting your Instagram account to your friends on different social media.
  2. Always be watchful on what is working for you: Yes, its everything that worked for others will work for you. You have to look carefully and follow your followers to see what is working for your accounts benefit and what’s not. Say, if any of the posts got more likes then try to find what made it get so many likes and then try to pitch that.
    Posts with excellent aesthetics should be curated so they match your personal branding. Tools like filters, beauty tools, and borders customize these photos to make them uniquely yours. A free photo editing app like Instasize has all this and more. Check out Text Styles to overlay photos with fonts for modern and tailor-made content that engages followers.
  3. Use of appropriate keywords and hashtags: Now this is important! Considers the use of keywords and hashtags on Instagram as the use of keywords for SEO purpose, they make you searchable; and that’s what you need. Try to give popular hashtags or new keywords; this will surely help you get more likes and followers.
  4. “ Return the favor”: Well, that’s how I like to call it. In random research, it was concluded that if you like and follow other pages on Instagram, then you have 20% chances of getting back likes and followers for your page. Now, this has nothing to do with your post but it’s human psychology, like when someone wishes you, you wish them back in return. The more you like and follow others pages, you increase your chances of getting more likes and followers.
  5. Use of popular filter on your photos: Okay this may not seem very interesting, but it’s impactful. The filters you apply to your photos create a significant effect on the minds of people, compelling them to like it.

Apart from this if you need some more tips and trick and you want to gain some quick likes on Instagram then check out The website has very impactful and exciting methods to get ready likes on Instagram.

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