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What Are Challenge Coins & Where Can I Get One?

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , March 14, 2018

Military officials are also big on challenge coins and like to give them out for exceptional service for both military and non-military members.

A challenge coin is a small coin like medallion that displays an organizations logo or emblem and is carried typically by members only. They can be given to members in order to recognize a milestone or special achievement, or given to prove membership of the organization.

They’re called challenge coins because members will actually challenge a member to whether they own a coin or not, this is called a coin check. They’ll announce this rather loudly and make the member place his/her coin out on a flat surface for all to see. The story goes that if someone challenges a person who is able to present his coin, the challenger buys the next drink. If someone fails to present his coin, that person buys the next round. Typically carried in pockets, challenge coins aren’t considered fair game if they’re attached to a belt or keychain. They must be within a “step and a reach” of the person being challenged to count. This use of challenge coins builds group commodore and enhances the exclusiveness of the group. Military officials are also big on challenge coins and like to give them out for exceptional service for both military and non-military members.

Challenge coins can become a part of any organization and can be designed on sites like MaxChallengeCoins. Adding these commemorative coins to an organization is a great way to boost fun and morale. It’s easy to get them customized on MaxChallengeCoins. All you have to do is request a free design and quote, check out the digital coin mock-up, and approve your order.

The process is easy. Just go to MaxChallengeCoins quote & artwork page, and fill in all the different options they provide. You can choose the size, the edge style, and even upload your own artwork if you have something in mind. Their graphic artists will prepare a design for you if you don’t have a specific emblem or logo you would like to use. The last box of the page is open for “comments & instructions” where you can provide in detail the coloring and design you’re imagining.

If you’re thinking that challenge coins are a bit too old fashion for your current organization, think again. The MaxChallengeCoin website offers a photo gallery of recently designed coins that will give you an idea of what these challenge coins can be used for. Some of the examples include a political campaign, a fire rescue squad, school organizations, regional security offices, United States Army Corps of Engineers, Arson task force, and the Hurricane Sandy Response Squad.

These collectibles can serve simply as memorabilia, or play an active role in your ongoing team, squad, company, or group. Located in Newark, DE, every order ships totally free. The cost of the coin itself is relatively cheap dependent on your level of customization. The minimum order is 50 coins but it serves to buy in bulk. The plating options include:

    ·High polished copper

    ·High polished gold

    ·High polished silver

    ·Antique copper

    ·Antique gold

    ·Antique silver

    ·Black metal

Custom edges include:

    ·Flat edge (free)

    ·Rope edge

    ·Spur edge

    ·Oblique line edge

    ·Bezel edge

    ·Cross cut/diamond edge

There are also extras that you can add to your coin to make them unique to your organization. These include:

If you’re looking for a special product to reward your members with, look no further. These challenge coins serve a purpose that’s more important than simply carrying around a piece of metal in your pocket. They’re something that can be carried, or put away to remember an achievement. They can even be passed down through generations. Order your challenge coins today!

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