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7 Reasons to Ditch Your Old Stereo Setup

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , March 02, 2018

Here are 7 other reasons to ditch your old stereo setup.

That stereo you have had for years was amazing when you first got it, one of the best on the market. It took you awhile to save up, and you didn’t skip anything you wanted. The setup was perfect. But now... your stereo system has aged. What was once cutting edge is not anymore. In order to enjoy that new set of Audeze headphones, you have to be listening on a device that can support the quality your headphones can deliver

Still need a nudge? Here are 7 other reasons to ditch your old stereo setup.

You Can’t Connect Wirelessly

The best sound does not always come from a wireless connection, but there are plenty of times when it is the most desirable way to stream music, whether from your phone or even your smart television. Whether or not you do so regularly, you should at least have the ability to connect to your system without using wires, even to use Bluetooth capable headphones to listen to music throughout the house.

Either way, if there is no easy way to connect wirelessly to your old system, you should consider an update.

You Have the Wrong Physical Connections

That’s right, there are a ton of different physical connections you can use to interface with your sound system in addition to wirelessly connecting, but if you have not updated in a while, you could be missing some of the key ones. USB, USB-C, HDMI, and others have long since replaced RCA connections, although those are not totally obsolete, so you may want to have those as well.

They key is that you have choices of how to connect your devices to get the audio from them to your sound system, and if you don’t, you might want to ditch it for a new one.

Your Speakers Suck

Those speakers may have been great when you bought them, but they may not be as good now. In fact, if they have been moved and have aged significantly, they may be badly in need of replacing.

The key is if they do not sound good in all of the ranges, from lows to highs, or if they distort with certain sounds, it is time to move on to something better. Modern speakers are even more responsive and have been better developed than those, and use stronger and more durable materials.

It’s Wrong for Your Room

Of course, you know that setting up a system correctly depends largely on the room it is in. Proper speaker placement, subwoofer placement, and the amount of power the system has will all determine how great it sounds in one particular area.

What was once a good fit for the room you purchased it for may not work as well in the room you have now. If you cannot get the right sound, it may be the fault of your system and the settings you can adjust on it. If it does not fit your room, it’s time to move up to something better.

It Looks Terrible

With flat screen TV’s and open shelves, your system is probably not hiding in an entertainment center any more. Those dings, scratches, and dents that were hidden before are not hidden any more. There is only so much that a well-applied sharpie can cover up.

Newer stereo systems take up less room, have a sleeker look, and are lighter and more compatible with floating shelves and other styles more popular in today’s interior decoration schemes. You not only want your system to sound good, you want it to look good too, and if it looks like a run-down relic, the sound matters much less.

You Can’t Fix It Anymore

Let’s face it, as electronics age, the manufacturer moves on and does not support them as well any more. This means if you need to fix your old stereo system, replace a part, or get it replaced, after a while you won’t be able to find the right parts any more.

True, a good system will have components that last, and often it will be years before you really need to start replacing things, but when the time comes and you are unable to repair your system any more, it may be time to move on to something that will need less work.

You Want the Latest Tech

Sometimes there really isn’t anything you can identify as wrong with your old system: you just want a new one, one that is better than what you had before. It’s not a matter of it being broken or unusable. Newer systems have cooler components, better sound, and a modern look.

A want is often just as good of an excuse as a need, and so replacing your old stereo does not have to come with a list of excuses and pros and cons.

Your old stereo setup may be like an old friend, one you have had for years, but once it no longer meets your needs or wants, it may be time to replace it with a new one. Use these seven reasons to determine if you need to move on.

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