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The Reason Why You Should Never Distract a Service Dog

by Editor (editor), , March 01, 2018

The emotional support dogs laws allow you to even fly with them.

Dogs are our best friends, even then human beings, as most people say. In the modern world, dogs are not just treated not treated as a source of enjoyment,but they are now serving us also. You can now have a service dog or an emotional support dog that you can carry with you pretties much everywhere. The emotional support dogs laws allow you to even fly with them.

Why Should The Service Dog Never Get Distracted?

The service and emotional support dogs have serious things to do. Thisneeds complete attention and focuseson the dog. If somehow, they get distracted, it can make thesituation dangerous for both the owner and the dog.

Your working dog of any kind should never distract. A lot of people think that this just means no petting; however, it means a lot more than that. It means no petting; it also means no talking to, calling at and no making direct eye contact. Overall, it means that there must be no attempts to get the dog’s attention.

Why Service Dog Handlers Stop You To Interact With Their Dog?

They stop you from any interaction with their dog are because the reasons are very serious, so they ask youalways to stay away from service dogs.

A big misconception that people have is that they think when a service dog handler says that you cannot pet my dog or say sorry that he is working, they start to think that people are really pushy about it and feel that you are being rude, unsocial and mean.

How Distraction Takes Away Their Focus From Actual Job?

There are mostly legitimate reasons why you might ask people not to distract your working dog. It can be dangerous for both the dog and the handler if you accidentally distract the dog while doing his or her job. In case they get injured due to this, that person will be held responsible for that.

Although it might not look like the dog is working at the time, but one of its jobs is, for instance, is the medical alert. To do such jobs, the dog hadto be alert and focused on you as a handler. If they are not there mentally, then there are complete chances of them to forget about your alert. This can create serious trouble for you.

So, this is one of the things that in public when you see a service dog, it might look like that the dog is just lying at the handler’s feet, but they must be alert, pretty much every time, depending on the type of job they are for. Therefore, they need to be able to be free to do that job. People who keep on coming to them and trying to play with them make them unable to do their job.

All of thedescription above pretty much explains why people do not like others to distract their service dogs because there are real reasons for it and it is really dangerous, not only for the dog but the handler as well. So, try to respect the service dog owner wishes and if they are asking you not to interact with their dog is for real reasons and not just because they are ajerk or mean about it.

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