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Business Protection: Areas of Concern and Preventative Tips

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , February 28, 2018

The following are areas of concern and preventative tips that will keep your business protected.

Running a business comes with a lot of stress as well as quite a bit of responsibility. Keeping the business safe in a variety of ways allows the business to run smoothly and become as profitable as possible. Different businesses will have different areas of concern as an ecommerce business will have to worry about hacks while a roofing business might have to worry about employees being injured. One accident, hack, or lawsuit can impact cash flow negatively and shut down some smaller businesses. The following are areas of concern and preventative tips that will keep your business protected.

Former Employees

There are plenty of things to be concerned with when it comes to former employees. One of the worst things that they can do is badmouth the company to current clients or ruin a business relationship on their way out. One way to stop this is having a person sign a NDA that includes not contacting current clients for a year or two after their job has been terminated. Changing passwords as soon as an employee is let go could not be more important. You do not want an employee taking information from clients or messing up the flow of work as a form of revenge. Keep passwords on a need to know basis and while the person is being fired change passwords that they have had access to. Even if the employee is trusted people tend to do crazy things once they have lost their job on account of heightened emotions.

Web Security

Web security is paramount for nearly all types of businesses that interact in any way with clients on the computer. You do not want employee and client information being leaked or hacked as this can ruin client trust in the company. Backing up a WordPress site can do a variety of things for you. If you are selling products from the website it will save all of the product descriptions. Even blog material can be saved which saves the company money from not having to buy or write new content. Keep up to date with security or even have a professional act as the monitor for the site. Do not let one breach ruin a long term client relationship when it can be avoided.

Accidents in the Workplace

Accidents do happen in the workplace but there should be safety training on a monthly basis. Along with this a drug testing program might have to be implemented in order for a company to insure your business. Try to make all processes as simple as possible to avoid any type of injury. Obviously if you run an online marketing company then the odds of accidents happening goes down immensely. This does not mean that you shouldn’t be insured, you should just insure yourself with a lesser plan.

Keeping The Office Secure

Web security is important but physical security can be even more important. A person breaking into an office could have access to employee social security numbers, personal information, and anything else needed to steal someone’s identity. For this reason it can be a good idea to put this important information outside of the office so it can be accessed when it is needed. Equipment being stolen can be replaced by insurance while the information on a computer cannot be accessed again. A security system can be the answer as well as personal identification keys that link a person to a key opening a specific door. Business security systems can be written off come tax time so the costs of this are actually reduced.

Reducing your business’ risk could save it and make it as successful as ever. Do not wait for something to go bad but rather prevent the above risks. What do you think is an important area of business to secure?

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