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Incense- shaping natural gifts into aromatic satisfaction

by Editor (editor), , February 24, 2018

Well, read further and discover more about how this amazing smell became a necessity of our everyday life!

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Incense and its mesmerising smell has solemnly been as integral part of our lives since decades. It has got its connotations linked with both human emotions and traditional aspects of life. Thus, you might witness the presence of Incense during all pious religious, cultural and traditional occasions which are largely renowned around the globe. But, where did this Incense actually originated from? What can it do for you? And what are the benefits of Incense? Well, read further and discover more about how this amazing smell became a necessity of our everyday life!

Production of Incense- where does it come from

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Before we proceed further and talk about the essentials or benefits of Incense, it’s important for you to understand what gives birth to such a mind tempting smell! Incense are generally developed through natural aromatic plant materials, which are further combined with essential oils to create a sticky paste which could be later on transformed into any shape and size.

the basic ingredients that compose off Incense includes sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense, patchouli, benzoin, dragons blood, copal resin, sage, opopanax, sweet grass, cedar wood, clove, rose, agarwood, mastic and every sort of aromatic plant which you find around. The major two genres of Incense includes-

  • Combustible- it doesn’t requires any stable fire source as it’s just lit once by the flame and is then fanned out. This leaves the Incense with an ember that keeps on releasing and mixing up its fragrance in the air, with bit of a smoke.
  • Non-combustible- this is another form of Incense where, it requires having a separate and constant heating source keeping the Incense burning for long. However, it somewhere lacks the amazing aroma, produced through combustible Incense, which stays up in the air for long.

Right since the early ages when Incense evolved, it is being burnt with and due to numerous reasons. Some believed that it wards away the presence of demons, while pleasing the gods with its immensely attractive smell. Some just make the use of it to pull off the irritating and unpleasant smell which wanders around the house. It was even burnt marking and praying happiness of a person’s soul after their soul leaves the body. Yet, in other areas of the world, it is marked as a beneficial product in purification ceremonies, meditations and a lot other religious rituals.

However, whatsoever be the reason, Incense have always been spreading happiness, purity and enlightenment throughout the generations.

So now, coming to the point! Let’s read through the benefits of Incense!

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Today in the modern era, even after so much of technological integration and advancements, the Incense still has left a huge impression on our young generations. People might just consider it as something bashing out the unusual odour, however, it has got arrays of physiological and psychological impressions on our everyday lifestyle. Let’s discover some of the crucial benefits of Incense and let you get some more reasons to light up one each day!

  • Enhancing focus and concentration- whether you are working or trying to focus on your studies, usage of specific Incense scents facilitates you in driving a clear thinking and assists in developing state of overall awareness. The monks explored out this benefit of Incense, quite long ago, where it facilitated their meditation practices while clearing their thoughts, as well as the surroundings. People like jewellery makers or other artists who required intense concentration, also looked forward on Incense, to get their work done with a steady and refreshed mind.
  • Enhancing up the motivation- as there is no other beneficial stuff than natural ingredients, the Incense has been poising its unbelievable antibacterial, insecticidal, and fungicidal properties in the air which purifies and clears out the air around you. it directly influences you brain, releasing a positive energy in the air while driving the negative one out from the place you are in. thus, the pure air and positivity, motivates you to work well and stay focussed on attaining your goals.
  • Stimulating the buds of creativity- innovation and creativity spreads its wings when you have enough time to positively concentrate, introspect and work on your idea or imagination. The smell of Incense is just like a melodious song to the brain which boosts up your imagination and lets your creative energy flow around. It can put you up in such a state of mind, where everything seems as light as a dream and as sweet as honey.
  • Fighting against depression, anxiety or tension- this might be one of the most powerful impact, and benefit of Incense. Experiencing the scent of boswellia plant or frankincense can distinctively activate your poorly understood ions and can channel out the brain, eliminating anxiety, depression and every other form of negative feeling running inside you. It significantly affects your brain areas, where emotions react and change the negative ones through its powerful energy.
  • Eliminates insomnia- lack of sleep is the biggest unsolved mystery, that every youngster of this generation experiences. However, when you spend your whole day under the scent of mesmerising and positivity promoting Incense, you will stay chirpy and active throughout the day. in fact, using a mild Incense at night, keeps your brain away from confusing thoughts at night, and lets you have a satisfactory sleep where no one seems there to disrupt it.

So, these were some of the most prolific and amazing benefits of Incense, that it has on our body, mind and soul. However, all of these facts generally stay true till you rely on plant based natural Incense. As soon as you shift towards synthetic Incense, the positives might start turning into negative influences.

Any sort of Incense being burnt through charcoal or other such products, might carry undesirable and harmful effects on the body. As to maintain a healthy body, it is essential to breathe healthy and non-polluted air, always try to surround yourselves with natural, plant based and impressive Incense. This will not only work as a air freshener, but will shower the blessings of positivity, enthusiasm and happiness around you!

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