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How To Entertain Guests On The Cheap

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , January 27, 2018

In the list below we aim to bring you easy and doable tips and ideas as how to entertain guests on the cheap:

Most people love having guests over at least a couple of times each month. It’s a great way to see old friends and get to know new people all from the comfort of your home. But inviting over guests can come with its own stresses. What will we do? What will they eat? Oftentimes these things can end up costing money. But there are definitely affordable ways to entertain your guests without breaking the bank.

In the list below we aim to bring you easy and doable tips and ideas as how to entertain guests on the cheap:

  • DIY Decorations- Whether it’s a casual dinner party or a full-blown celebration at your home, there are simple ways to decorate with items around the house. For centrepieces, why not use flowers from your garden or fill a vase with lemons? By colour co-ordinating table cloths, place mats and centrepieces you may be able to achieve a stylish effect with just items you already have lying around the home.
  • Pick One Type of Meal- Perhaps choose to throw a dessert party, or have a cheese and wine evening. This way, guests know exactly what to expect food-wise and they can eat a meal before they arrive if necessary. Sticking to just offering one type of food is far cheaper and it gives you time to be more creative with the dishes you serve.
  • Play Games Instead of Hiring Entertainment- Hiring a band or other forms of entertainment is very costly and it is a cost that can easily be easily be cut down by entertaining your guests by playing games. Pools are great for summer as there are a variety of fun games that can be played in the pool. Buying a dartboard can also be a great way to entertain guests. They are affordable and can be used again and again. If you don’t know which type of dartboard to get, you can have a look at Peak Picker, where they give you great tips and advice.
  • Accept Offers from Friends- Although it may be rude to ask your guests to bring along a little something to contribute to the evening, if they offer, don’t hesitate to accept! If guests offer to bring something, especially something specific, it means they would like to bring it along. If they’re bringing their own drinks it also saves you from having to stock the entire fridge in effort to be able to offer them what they may enjoy.
  • Plan in Advance- If you know the exact amount you wish to spend on hosting guests ahead of time, you can start saving towards that special evening in advance and buy non-perishables before the event. This will make it feel less expensive at the time.

So from the above information, we can clearly see that entertaining guests can be affordable and easy to do. You don’t need to fork out a fortune every time you invite guests over, and remember that your true friends need not be impressed with how much money you spend on them!

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