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5 Tips to Raise Body pH

by Editor (editor), , January 24, 2018

You can implement the following tips in raising your body PH:

It is indispensable to ensure that your body operations take place usually and that you do not develop complications. One of the ways to ensure that is maintaining healthy body PH. You could be there wondering…how can I raise my body PH? There are innumerable ways of doing so. Most of them are easily applied hence you have no problem.

It is important to note that PH level should not go above board. In as much as you wish to raise PH level in your body, it must not go beyond 7.4. If by any chance your body PH goes above that, then you will be rendered acidic. In this regard, it is necessary to adopt measures that will raise your body PH moderately and not excessively.

You can implement the following tips in raising your body PH:

Fresh Green Juice

You must understand that this is not processed juice. It is natural juice made from vegetables and green fruits. You can make it using cucumber, ginger, almonds, and kale among other green vegetables. Reports confirm that vegetables can regulate body PH. Those with high body PH can lower it with the help of green vegetables in the form of green juice.

Purified Water

What most people do not know is that water has a lot of roles to play in the body. One of the primary functions is regulating body PH. Water is mainly neutral in terms of PH degree. However, in the presence of minerals, the level of PH in water can be high. In this regard, it is not all water that counts in raising and regulating PH. Purified water is always considered the best. Water with a high pH level can counterbalance the low pH of regular waters and acidic beverages. Nutritional studies recommend that you should take at least five glasses of water daily.

Avoid Refined Sugar

If you are among those who think that any sugar is fine for consumption, it is about time you change your stand. Only natural sugar has the capacity of regulating your body PH and maintaining healthy levels. It is highly recommended that you keep off refined sugar. Such sugar is one of the substances with the capacity to destabilize the level of PH in your body. Any processed sugar is equally dangerous to your PH.

Avoid Processed Food

Did you know that a piece of junk is enough to destabilize your body PH? Did you also know that most processed foods carry chemicals that can compromise your body alkalinity? That said, it is obvious that you must keep off processed food. Instead, substitute processed food with natural substances. Consuming natural supplements than processed food materials would be ideal.

Exercise Daily

Most people believe that failure to exercise will only lead to obesity. While this may be true, it is not entirely so. There is more to exercises than meets the eye. Nutritionists confirm that body exercises can reduce acidity in the body, hence keeping PH at healthy levels.


Flaws regarding PH level usually occur due to bad eating habits. What you consume daily dictates if you will endanger your body or not. It is therefore indispensable to ensure that everything you consume is healthy for your body and cannot raise your PH beyond normal. Above all, it is imperative to keep your PH on the check by taking regular tests. It is far much cheaper to test for PH than treating a complication.

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