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Interesting and Funny ICOs

by Editor (editor), , January 13, 2018

Though these ICO’s are not for serious traders, they do possess the power to attract many people because of their unique and interesting qualities.

Initial Coins offerings (ICO’s) are token money like Bitcoins, Ethereum etc, which a cryptocurrency startup sells to raise capital for their business. Last year (2017), crypto traders witnessed the introduction of many new ICO’s in the market that allowed many startup companies to raise millions from the initial coin offering process. The same is happening this year as well but the option is much wider this time. Many ICOs on the market are built special for those traders who are not regular investors. Though these ICO’s are not for serious traders, they do possess the power to attract many people because of their unique and interesting qualities.

Here is the list of some of the most Interesting and Funny ICO’s that might attract you as well:-

BattleDrome ICO – BattleDrome is a platform/ecosystem for gaming, which is built on top of a decentralized Battle Arena, allowing anyone to create a Warrior, an entity which exists on the Ethereum network that can be trained, traded, equipped, and move into the arena to fight other Warriors for fun and profit!

Mooncoin ICO – Mooncoin sits on the new Mooncoin blockchain and aims to revolutionize investing. Here the investors can earn money by enjoying movies and doing nothing, just getting in return for the other’s likes on their posts. It is best suitable for those who prefer smart work rather than hard work.

Pandacoin ICO – Panda, an animal that can climb the mountain ranges quickly. In the same manner, Pandacoins enables the user to climb the ladder leading to the money swiftly and in a short time. It is even the perfect alternative for the ones who are new to cryptocurrency. It is all about having a bank account in the PandaBank and receiving the annual interest.

Trumpcoin ICO – As the name suggests this is the token to support the America’s president Donald Trump’s vision of raising America to heights. Donald Trump’s fans can write articles weekly and earn money in the form of Tokens.

Dogecoin ICO – Shiba Inu is the famous breed among dogs of Japan on which this token is based. It was popularized as a ‘joke currency’ initially. Surprisingly today, its market value is $280 million and even sponsoring the NASDAQ racecars, wells of Africa and various teams of Winter Olympics.

EROS ICO – Eros is a decentralized marketplace to match consenting adults looking for entertainment and those looking for money. It appears to be an interesting use of the blockchain.

Legends Room – Through this cryptocurrency, the token holders get a chance to the Las Vegas strip club. Even the owners get extra benefits for services like food and drinks. Recently their profits values have crossed $50 million.

Skincoin ICO – This is the prime choice for video-game lovers. Here they can shop and even use these coins on other websites. As the skin saves the internal organs of the body from injuries, in a similar manner the skin coin secures the money from fraudulent cybercrimes. Thus, making it the safest way to procure the money.

So, these were some of the most interesting and funny ICO’s that currently prevail in the crypto market. If you want to know about the similar type of ICO’s then do not forget to click here to learn more about cryptocurrencies.

Meta Description - The advanced technology has upgraded the methods of operating tasks in different fields. This freakish idea of getting benefits accustomed to our needs through ICOs is truly enthralling, especially for the younger generation. From serious ICO’s to the most interesting and funny ones, people are showing their interest in the new blockchain technology.

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