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What to Do in Los Angeles

by Katy Chen (writer), Downtown Los Angeles, November 02, 2006


Recently, a friend of mine wanted me to recommend places for another friend, who was visiting Los Angeles, and I wrote a very long e-mail detailing activities, neighborhoods, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. It was very difficult because I didn't know what this friend liked to do, what this friend's tastes were, and I also know that what people like to do while on vacation really varies with each individual. Then, I started thinking about the Los Angeles Times and some in-flight magazine's columns about what certain people would do if they had three perfect days to explore a city. What would your perfect three days be? Or where would you tell friends to go if they visited our beautiful city for the first time?

My perfect three day weekend would include going to brunch at the Pedals Cafe at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica. After brunch, I would take a long walk from Santa Monica to Venice and then back. I'd stop off at Angelato on the Third Street Promenade and get one of their amazing gelatos as a treat. And if there were still time before dinner, I'd wander through the stores along the promenade, Main Street, or Montana Avenue for a bit of shopping. If I were to stay in Santa Monica for dinner, I'd go to Father's Office for burgers and a Lindemans Lambic or Monsoon Cafe, if I had guests, or Fritto Misto for a down-home Italian meal. To cap the night off, I'd either drive into Beverly Hills and sit and listen to their in-house band play at the St. Regis Hotel and have tea and dessert or if it were the first and third Friday of the month, I'd go downtown for Firecracker at Grand Star in Chinatown.

Saturday, I'd love to start the day off with a luxurious massage at any spa. There are so many amazing spas in Los Angeles. Kinara is one of my favorites, and I love having a super healthy, but yummy lunch on the patio afterwards. Since I'm in West Hollywood, I might as well do some shopping along Robertson, and after shopping, I'd have an early dinner at the avoid the paparazzi since I'm oh so famous (yeah right). At night, I'll go to Sunset and hear a friend's band, or go to Hollywood and either have drinks at the Dresden, the Good Luck Bar, or dessert and drinks at Le Figaro...all in Los Feliz.

Sundays, I love going downtown and either having dim sum at Ocean Seafood in Chinatown or brunch at Pete's Bar and Cafe. If I'm already in Chinatown, I love walking around the shops and stands, or if I'm at Pete's, I might pop over to the Standard and hang out, poolside, in the afternoon sun. If I feel like another day at the beach, I'll hop in the car, drive to Malibu and spend an ultra lazy day at Paradise Cove for drinks, food, and beach-side lounging. For dinner, no matter where I am, I love ending my perfect weekend at Oomasa in Little Tokyo. Sushi, green tea, and miso soup just says comfort and perfection to me.

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By Annonymous on November 03, 2006 at 12:52 am
wow that's a very busy three day week end! It's very interesting though, there's a lot of places you are talking about that I need to check out! I live in L.A. but tend to hang out exclusively in my neighborhood. Big mistake!
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By CoolBreeze on November 03, 2006 at 05:09 pm
Everything sounds like fun and not the typical touristy attractions... I always want hear about great places to have brunch when I'm at a new place and this article tells me just where to go!
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