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How to Design a Healthy Home Office That Increases Productivity

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , January 10, 2018

These simple tips and tricks can transform your home office into a productive space.

It feels great to work from home does it not? Nowadays, it has become a trend and many people have become successful working from home. Thanks to the internet that blessed us with the comfort to work right from home. No need to commute to far distances, no need to follow a dress code, no boss around. Well, it seems so much fun isn’t? But on the other hand, working from home comes with its own set of challenges too.

You may feel that you aren’t able to work productively as you would have worked in an office environment or workspace. It is because there can be a lot of distractions, other household responsibilities that may interrupt you often. Well, don’t worry we will help you create a healthy home office that helps increase productivity. These simple tips and tricks can transform your home office into a productive space.

Separate your working area from the living area

It is important to separate your working area from the living area in order to create a committed workspace. This will help you reduce the possible distractions like pets, TV or other tasks at home that need your attention.

Practically, your workspace can just be a table placed in a corner, but believe me that will certainly prepare you to focus on your work and keep away other thoughts from your mind. When you enter this space, you know that you are here to work.

Consider certain ergonomic rules

According to studies ergonomics and the right posture contributes to enhancing productivity. Well, as far as ergonomics are concerned, it is not necessary for you to have fancy/luxury ergonomic furniture at home there are a lot of other options that you can consider to plan your small infrastructure for a home office to increase productivity.

The simple ergonomic rules that you can follow is to make sure that while you are working on your laptop/computer, your elbows are positioned at right angles and the computer screen is at your eye level in order to help your body the right support rather than sitting in a wrong posture.

Let the Light enter and brighten your home office space

It is always better to let the natural light enter your home office space as it helps reduce the eye fatigue or headaches that may occur due to insufficient light and strain on your eyes. It certainly helps increase the productivity as you can focus on your work without any health issues.

Apart from just brightening up your workspace at home, it also gives you the essential dose of Vitamin D, which is equally healthier and makes you feel fresh. Make sure you keep all your blinds or curtains open when you are working. You need to take care of light more on cloudy or dark days.

Go green- Add some green

According to research, it is proved that sufficient amount of natural light and exposure to greenery significantly enhances the productivity of a worker and simultaneously eliminates stress. If you have a natural view right from your desk towards your window, with trees, shrubs etc, it would be a booster for you to increase the productivity.

In case you are staying in urban areas where there isn’t much access to natural view, bring nature home, and add some green to your place by adding potted plants so that you can view them when you take a break in between your work.

Cleanliness is must

You are already occupied with so many work/house related thoughts in your mind. Make sure the physical clutter doesn’t affect your productivity. Working from home is a complete distraction if your entire house isn’t clean, there is stuff scattered all around, things aren’t clean in the kitchen etc. It is better to plan and spare some time for winding up and cleaning things before you start your work. Apart from your house, keeping your home office space clean is necessary and you can accomplish this by throwing away unwanted papers, pens or other things that you are not using and don’t need them anymore.

Create a space to relax

You can also create a small space near your desk to relax when you think you are tired and can take a power nap or just relax for some time. You do not need to create something big; it can just be a chair that comes with a foot rest. It can help you to unwind and get back to work with more enthusiasm.

In case you are planning to revamp your home office space and want to hire professionals to do the job then Wrightwood Homes are right there to help you design a home office space that enhances the home office space productivity.

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