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Live a Glorious Life by Investing in Sundaram Mutual Fund

by Dishika Baheti (writer), Jaipur, January 16, 2018

This article is written to create awareness amongst the investors regarding the better ways of enriching their financial health, by the means of investing in Sundaram Funds.

The mutual fund industry is an entirely different universe of number games. Out of the many apparently promising schemes, choosing the best plan is nothing short of conquering a wild battle. Sometimes we taste victory, but mostly are crushed by the huge army of confusing options. But what actually is the solution to dissipate this dusty cloud of chaos that is choking us to death? Well, the answer is simply partnering up with Sundaram Mutual Fund, an asset management firm that is known for powering its products with intensity, integrity and intelligence, that are made to cater to the different investing needs of the people. As you’d read further, you’ll understand why this AMC has been awarded the tag of one of the best fund houses of the modern era, and get acquainted with its various products and their characteristics.

A Brief Introduction

Sundaram Mutual Fund is an integral arm of one of the oldest and most respected financial companies of our generation, the Sundaram Group. In the past six decades, Sundaram group has flourished itself across different industry sectors that includes finance, asset management and automobiles, and has placed itself amongst the list of the most giving and satisfying companies in the world as per the customer reviews and feedback. Sundaram MF started its operation about 19 years ago, and since then its products have been performing evenly well regardless of the most crucial twists in the market paradigm. This fund house further allows retail investors that share common financial objectives and ambitions to come together and form a huge corpus geared towards achieving common desires. Thus, the funds invested by the investor mass is disbursed by the company into fixed income securities, equity instruments, and several other avenues that are attuned to the investment goals, and in the end, whatever benefits are reaped by the funds are then shared amongst all participants equally.

The Investment Philosophy

We talked about the fact that Sundaram Finance Mutual Fund is a great AMC and no doubt, partnering up with it will definitely bring prosperity to your life. But what exactly has let it earn the mark of being great? Well, in order to achieve excellence at anything, a cost has to be born which in its crude terms means having a clear ideology and approach towards your work. Thus, the following investment methodology is what has made Sundaram Mutual Funds earn a position amongst the top players in the industry: -

  • Risk is often confused with the term representing the degree of downfall whereas in the financial world, it simply means the rate at which the value of the investment may fluctuate over given period of time. It is certainly not the synonym of negative returns or damage to your money.
  • Whatever decisions are made by the fund house, it involves putting the money of the innocent investors at stake who showed immense trust towards, and put their confidence into, their investment partner. Hence, all the investment related decisions should be made only after giving a deep thought on the holding period and the average past performance of various industries.
  • As the saying goes, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, a good investment plan is one that involves adequate diversification across several sectors of the market. By doing so, the gravity of the inherited risk can be controlled appropriately and thus, the risk can be pulled down to an acceptably low level. However, such diversification should be strictly based upon the clients’ goals and objectives, and their capacity to bear interim fluctuations.
  • Though to conquer the task of making good investment decision diversification is of utmost importance, but it’s only the road half traveled. The way both food and water are necessary to live, a sound financial planning demands diversification backed with intelligent investment strategy which involves taking the root of SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) instead of pouring all your funds at once through lumpsum.

Thus, if you’ll apply logical reasoning after reading this article, you’d be able to come to an unbiased conclusion that investment in Sundaram Mutual Fund schemes is actually beneficial, and everything written here does hold a backbone and is not only a needless publicity in a defamatory manner. So, get in touch with your financial advisor now to find out your right plan.

About the Writer

Dishika Baheti is an active hand in providing advice to mutual fund investors. She has been reading the market moods and conducting analytical researches on mutual funds market for the last three years.
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