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Get rid of leaky roofs

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , January 02, 2018

Here you will be provided with ways to get rid of leaky roofs.

To address a problem the first thing you need to do is identify it. With leaky roofs the biggest issue is of finding the leak and actually knowing if there is actually a leak. Because if you don’t find the leak and discover its existence you might get yourself into bigger trouble like mold, rotted framing and sheathing and damaged ceiling. To get rid of these issues you require a lot more effort and money. Here you will be provided with ways to get rid of leaky roofs.


One of the reasons of the leak can be the shingles. You need to first check where exactly the leak is coming from. For a simple roof look at the area directly above the water leak in the ceiling, for slanted roofs look for area higher than where the stain on ceiling is. Find the missing or curled up shingles. If there is a missing shingle just place a new one using asphalt roof cement. And if there is a curled up shingle remove it and apply a little heat using either blow dryer or machines like it since direct flame can result in fire as the asphalt might be flammable. When you have straightened the shingle after application of heat replace it using the asphalt cement.

Roll Roofing:

In case of blisters cracks in the roofing material you need to make sure the surface becomes even. For this purpose you need to cut the blister in the middle but do not cut the sheet underneath. To fix it dry it out. Take out every little drop of water. Now fill the area will asphalt cement so that there remains no loose area. After this drive nails at each side of the repaired area. When this is done coat the area with asphalt roof cement and that’s done.

Shook Shakes:

After you have discovered the damaged shakes split them by use of hammer. By using chisel remove the damaged shake. Cut out the nails associated with it. Now get new shake by cutting a shake using saw. The new shake should be almost 10 mm smaller. This is to allow expansion in warm weather. Place the new shake and to maintain its place make use of nails on either side of it. Lastly add a little cement at the sides (edges) of the shakes to strengthen them.

Faulty Connections:

One issue is of the connections made. These connections can be rotten and might allow water leaking through roofs. The best way to do this is to get new flashing. One reason of this happening is the steel used to nail the chimneys and area around them. Another way this can occur is through the damaged caulking. For both cases you need to replace them so that the leakage is minimized.

With all these tips you can call the roofing contractors walled Lake Michigan who are professional and can fix your roofs in no time. It’s always better to let the pros handle since they have had more experience in this kind of stuff.

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