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States' Rights Battle Brewing

by D. E. Carson (writer), , February 01, 2008

RealID has the potential to reignite America's Civil War

The Civil War was about State’s Rights versus Federal Government Rights. The Confederacy believed that the States should have the right to decide for itself whether or not to enter the Union as a slave state or a free state. The Missouri Compromise was Congress’ attempt to settle the argument once and for all, but the Confederacy wanted nothing to do with it and thus began America’s first Civil War.

May 11, 2008 may be the start date of the second.

The 50 States have until May 11, 2008 to comply with the RealID Act – an Orwellian de facto national ID card system touted as a means for making Americans safer but in actuality is a means by which Americans become prisoners in their own country. The governor of Montana, Brian Schweitzer (D) has publicly denounced the act and declared that the State of Montana will not comply. Governor Schweitzer has contacted the governors of Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Maine, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Arizona, Hawaii, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Washington asking them to join with him in a rebellion against this latest attempt by the Federal Government to broaden its “nanny state”. Georgia has also made public its intention to ignore the new policy slipped through a Democratic controlled congress and tacked onto a much needed Iraq war funding bill back in 2005.

The act says that all states will be required to issue new driver’s licenses that conform to security regulations mandated by the Department of Big Security. Among those regulations, state departments of motor vehicles must demand licensed drivers under the age of 50 reapply for new licenses using certified birth and marriage certificates. The license formats must be uniform in their appearance and all DMV databases must be accessible via a centralized data warehouse to enable every state to check the status of a license from another state. The part that Governor Schweitzer and other governors deem as unreasonable is the cost associated with establishing this one-step-short-of-being-a-national-ID-card. States like California are currently hurting for money and the Department of Big Brother wants them to spend more on a bogus security measure that has the capability of stopping the production of fake ID cards equivalent to a roll of toilet paper being used to stop a runaway 18-wheeler.

So what does the National ID Card program mean to us lowly citizens of the United States of America? If you are fortunate enough to live in a state that chooses not to comply with the National ID Card program and Big Brother, you will be forced to endure the humiliation of being singled out at airports by agents of Big Brother who will take you aside and assault you by patting you down and examining whatever carry-on items you happen to have in your possession at the time. If, however, you are among the “chosen” ones living in a state that willingly gives up its rights to issue driver’s licenses as it sees fit, you will be blessed with rapid access to your airplane seat where you will have to wait, strapped in while rogue, non-conformists are raped in public. Governor Schweitzer wants all states to refuse to conform to the National ID Card program in the hopes of getting Big Brother to back down.

Laura Keehner, a spokesman for the Department of Big Brother has emphatically stated that Big Brother will not back down from the National ID card program. Keehner said that states that choose to ignore the National ID Card rules will be causing grief for their citizens and she believes that the people will focus their disdain at the state governments rather than the Federal Government. Keehner went on to foolishly say that the National ID Card program is a step toward ending the ability for people to obtain fake identification cards. And Big Brother himself, Michael Chertoff essentially released a statement on Thursday telling the 17 rogue states to “grow up.”

That said, maybe it is time for a few other choice individuals to “grow up” – Michael Chertoff being the prime candidate for a maturity pill. Laura Keehler belongs near the top of that list as well. The Department of Big Brother was established by George W. Bush as a knee jerk response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Credit must be given to those responsible for ensuring that no attack has occurred on American soil since that day in September, however, it must be noted for the record that the Department of Big Brother has not one iota of a share in that credit. Never once has anyone from the Department of Big Brother actually intercepted and avoided a terrorist attack. The agencies responsible for preventing repeat attacks are agencies that have been in existence long before the attacks were even a glimmer of an idea in bin Laden’s eye. Big Brother had nothing to do with it.

Many times this writer has criticized liberal Democrats for their lunatic ways. The specific origins of the National ID Card program have, so far, remained elusive but that the concept was attached as a rider to a defense funding bill lends itself to the notion that it was something the liberals were after. That Bush signed it even further implicates the liberals for getting what they wanted without making much noise. They knew he wouldn’t veto the bill – the military needed its money, so they put it somewhere that tied the president’s hands. Regardless of who is responsible for it, the National ID Card program is an infringement on the 10th Amendment to the Constitution. Just as it did in 1860, Congress has violated states’ rights and attempted to collect unto itself power to which it is not entitled. It is again up to the people of the United States to wake up, just as they did over the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill and demand that Congress reverse itself before Americans find themselves unable to travel from state to state with no papers. That was a freedom very clearly illustrated in the movie version of The Hunt for Red October as one desperately sought by two men fleeing the Soviet Union and it is a freedom that Americans currently take for granted but with this National ID Card program it won’t be a freedom for long. Heed this warning now, America, stop RealID before it stops you!

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