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Los Angeles - The Terrible And Tasteful

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, February 08, 2008


Here comes the extra car...

Although the west may have been technically won decades ago, Los Angeles has a long way to go regarding public transportation. I'm speaking of the transit system in centralized geographical area of Los Angeles. One may wait anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes for one of those orange and gray, or white, yellow and black buses to stop at the neighborhood stop and transport one to work in the downtown Los Angeles area, West L.A., Culver City, Santa Monica, or the Eastside. The inner city transportation system such as the Big Blue Bus, Culver City Bus Line, The DASH, and trains are on a different wave all together. These lines which have no with the affiliation widely used "M.T.A. and those in charge of the operation of these buses for the most part seem to have mastered the art arriving proficently in a timely fashion.

Why do I feel qualified to speak on this topic that is a thorn in many riders side? I have taken public transportation in Los Angeles for over 15 years only to see little if any improvement after numerous strikes and promises.

Much of the problem appears often isolated to geography. The further west one gets in L.A. the better chance of catching a city bus say every 5-10 minutes...during the morning to evening hours. Even have 6:00 pm it is relatively easy to get from downtown Los Angeles to Westwood without incident.

Unfortunately, in some others areas going south or east, count on a wait. This is just one of the things I hate about my beloved city.

Another area of concern is the overall attitude toward bus riders. If you don't own a car in Los Angeles, you may be viewed with strange scrutiny, and the frequent question, "How come you don't have a car?" People are perplexed and others ask with a confused look as though you were doing something quite uncomely such as wearing one shoe.

The fact is although Los Angeles is a big place, a car is not a neccesity for many due to cost and upkeep. We are at the mercy of public transportation and plan our days far ahead of our schedules to get from point A to point B.

It is unfortunate that a better plan of action was not taken say 60 years ago in Los Angeles to secure an revelant subway system to cover the city before the city became so populated.

On the other hand, many wonderful, graceful, sensitive, creative, and versatile individuals can be found riding the bus. Life long friendships can be established from those you see daily. Invigorating conversations can and do arise. Tasteful and terrible places and moments can reached by and on the public bus in Los Angeles.

Magical and momentous instances can be experienced through interaction on the public bus and no doubt maybe explain why some "do not have a car".

Riding the bus presents opportunities that simply cannot be reached by sitting in gridlock on the freeway. But, that is another article and segment on Los Angeles for another time.

Despite the cons which in some parts of the city certainly outweigh the pros of public transportation in Los Angeles, we can't survive without it and we can't go back a build that infamous subway system that will take care of all the city's needs.

Perhaps the powers that be in charge of "M.T.A." Metro can start by placing more buses on routes in all communities. And, maybe we can all take an individual or group excursion on the bus in Los Angeles just to view places in our city we never notice by bumper to bumper car freeway bliss.

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By Heather Renee on July 26, 2008 at 11:40 am

Hey Kim, 

Also a resident in LA, I've thought about the public transportation issues here. As traffic gets worse, and housing/jobs seems to be further apart, the idea of sitting in traffic for hours on end seems unavoidable. 

Recently, I've started riding a bike to see if it is even possible to conduct daily biz without a car. Conclusively, in LA, it's not comfortably possible. Geography, topography, and the overall rudeness of drivers to anyone who's not making a car payment, outweighs the benefits of a cleaner, healthier mode of transportation.

So what can we do here?

Well, locally, continue to push for bike lanes, walking paths, and strict crackdown on motorists who disobey the regulations made to protect the non-motorized. Carpooling is also an option. But I think LA is making some small strides toward liberation from automobiles. Recently in the  San Fernando valley, a bus line was put in place where old R/R tracks were. It goes from one end of the valley to the other and connects at the metro station in Universal, which could ultimately take you to downtown, the beach, Hollywood, or Mid-town.  Hopefully, LA will continue to make public transpo. a priority..We certainly need it!

Thanks for the article!!!

and Morgana........LA is addictive..its a love hate a $800k dollar 1 bdrm condo in the hood doesn't drive you out, then nothing will.

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