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4 Reasons Why You Should Run a Pre-Employment Background Check

by herbertp343 (writer), , December 20, 2017

Here are five reasons that will remind you why they matter to you as an employer.

Hiring someone new is usually preceded by a number of preliminary steps such as shortlisting, interviewing and, of course, running a background check on the potential candidate. In case you are considering the actual importance of going to the California white pages to run a background check, here are five reasons that will remind you why they matter to you as an employer.

Criminal Conviction

Let’s start with most common reason, which is to see if the potential employee has a police record and if he was a convicted felon. If he/she was convicted and served his time, you can still hire the person, but your decision should be made after you have all the background knowledge you need, instead of taking an uninformed decision. Most importantly though, it will help you determine the kind of life he/she has led so far and whether or not that past would reflect on your business’s reputation poorly if you hire an ex-con.

Due Diligence

You need to see what the potential employee has been accused of and decide on the spot whether those records raise a cause for a conflict between your business and the person’s history. In other words, people with DUI or rash driving records should not be hired as professional drivers, or someone with a violent history with women should never be allowed to work in a women’s apparel shop. If you don’t run the background check and you make the mistake of hiring such a person who has a conflicting history with the kind of business that you are in, you will be held liable if he/she ever does anything criminal to take advantage of the situation.

Workspace Safety

Aside from customers, the other employees are your responsibility as well, and part of that responsibility is to provide a safe workplace for them. If you don’t run the check and end up hiring an employee with a violent record, that decision can backfire on you in so many ways. Sex offenders and violent criminals, in general, are not people you would want walking around at your workplace, among other unsuspecting employees and customers.

Catching a Fraud

Background checks reveal more than just criminal records and you would be surprised at how many interview candidates try to dupe their employers with false educational qualifications, made up work experiences and certificates, title embellishment, changed business dates, and hyped up salaries. Put in a few calls to the right places and see if that excellent resume in front of you really isn’t too good to be true.

Background checks are essential for all of the reasons mentioned above and for your own mental peace of mind. To know that you have not skipped any steps that might lead to problems in the future is a relief in and of itself. After all, interviewing, training and hiring employees is not cheap or effortless, so the last thing you would want to do is hire the wrong person and invest in him/her.

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